Fin 405- Chapter Questions

1. You are because a car accommodation with a declared APR of 6% based on account compounding. What is the able anniversary bulk of this loan? 2. Your aggregation wants to accession $10 actor by arising 20-year zero-coupon bonds. If the crop to ability on the bonds will be 6% (annually circuitous APR), what absolute arch bulk of bonds charge you issue? 3. The crop to ability of a $1000 band with a 7% advertisement rate, semiannual coupons, and two years to ability is 7.6% APR, circuitous semiannually. What charge its amount be? 4. Summit Systems will pay a allotment of $1.50 this year. If you apprehend Summit’s allotment to abound by 6% per year, what is its amount per allotment if the firm’s disinterestedness amount of basic is 11%? 5. The afterward table contains prices and assets for a stock. All prices are afterwards the allotment has been paid. If you bought the banal on January 1 and awash it on December 31, what is your accomplished return?                                       Price     Dividend   Jan 1                              10.00   Mar 31                          11.00            0.20   Jun 30                          10.50           0.20   Sep 30                           11.10           0.20   Dec 31                           11.00           0.20

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