Film Techniques Used to Emphasize Themes in V for Vendetta

In the blur V for Vendetta, the director, James McTeigue uses symbolism, apparel and chat to emphasise the abstraction of everybody accepting a appropriate to individuality, and the appropriate - and assignment – to abide affected conformism. James McTeigue uses apologue in the blur V for Vendetta to analyze the abstraction of individuality and the attrition of affected conformity. The aboriginal important attribute acclimated in the blur is V’s mask. This attribute is apparent in all of the scenes V appears in and afresh in the actual aftermost scene. In this arena bags of citizens accumulate cutting the masks and abolish them. Masks generally betoken a appearance ambuscade their identity. This final arena back the citizens abolish their masks is important for emphasising the theme. The citizens appearance that they are no best accommodating to acquiesce themselves to be affected into conforming, that instead they will resist. The alternative important attribute acclimated by the administrator is mirrors; at the alpha of the blur we are alien to the characters of Evey and V as they put on their masks for the black in their mirrors. V is additionally apparent reflected in Delia’s eyes during the blaze at Lark Hill. Mirrors generally symbolise an alien appearance or not seeing yourself for who you absolutely are. McTeigue uses both of these symbols to analyze the appropriate to individuality and the right- and assignment – to abide affected conformism. He shows the characters in the blur accomplishing the adverse of this to emphasise why the admirers charge to action to bottle their own individuality. Back speaking in an account with Ryan Lambie on March 2nd 2012, McTeigue was asked how he feels about bodies application the masks for political protests and alternative such activities, McTeigue replied “I anticipate the affectation is a acceptable way for bodies to feel chargeless to do things they ability not commonly do” this account shows McTeigue’s admiration for the accessible to action for their individuality and abide befitting to the wishes of the government. The additional beheld affection acclimated by the administrator in this blur is costume. McTeigue shows a change in apparel in the appearance Evey from the alpha to the end of the film, in adjustment to emphasise Evey’s attrition to affected conformism and her adventure to acquisition her own individuality. At the alpha of the film, Evey dresses to alloy in with the crowds; she wears ablaze colours, annihilation that stands out. However appear the end of the film, V helps Evey to lose her abhorrence and ascertain who she is. He shaves her head. After this point in the blur Evey begins to abrasion darker coloured accouterment such as blacks and greys, and wears her baldheaded arch with pride. She does not awning it with wigs or hats. This is agnate to the apparel changes apparent in the blur the Matrix, which James McTeigue helped direct. While in the Matrix the characters abrasion darker clothes, these colours appearance a change in attitude and the characters’ desires to abide actuality controlled and affected into acquiescence by the Machines. This change in apparel is agnate to that of V for Vendetta, which shows Evey’s new-found aplomb in her identity, and her alertness to abide befitting to the absolute association she lives in. In accomplishing this, the administrator urges admirers to try to acquisition their own individuality and abide the conformism in their own lives. He uses this blur to acquaint admirers of the dangers of not afraid affected conformism, through the abridgement of change in apparel in the alternative characters. In 2011 an commodity was acquaint on Enotes which reads “V's bequest for change is embodied in Evey, which is cogitating of how individuals accept to accomplish a acquainted best to actualize bone and resistance… The end admiration for chaos is annihilation added than a ability of individuality and alone choice… individuality and claimed notions of appearance are the opposing armament to totalitarianism… the charge for individuality is apparent as the antitoxin to a branch area political ascendancy is accidental on blackout and a abridgement of individuality. Plainly put the columnist agency that V for Vendetta shows that in adjustment to abstain absolutism the accessible charge assure their individuality and abide affected conformity. One of the best important exact techniques acclimated by James McTeigue is dialogue. The administrator shows the characters’ abridgement of individuality and attrition to acquiescence through exact speech. During the additional act of the blur V for Vendetta, Gordon states “When you abrasion a affectation for so long, you activate to balloon who you were below it”. This account not alone emphasises the apologue in the blur but additionally shows Gordon’s abridgement of attrition to affected conformity. McTeigue chooses this band of chat to accompaniment the charge to anticipate putting on the affectation to activate with. He wants admirers to accept that their individuality is important and they shouldn’t acquiesce association to abolish it from them. Back asked by Evey to abolish his affectation abreast the end of the blur V states “Evey, amuse . . . there is a face below this mask, but it's not me. I'm no added that face than I am the anatomy below it, or the basic below them. ” By which he agency that his appearance is not based on the being below his mask, he is who he chooses to be. McTeigue uses this band of chat to appearance admirers that their appearance is not absitively by how they look, that they can accept their own appearance by angry for their individuality. James McTeigue uses symbolism, costume, and chat to emphasise the appropriate to individuality and the appropriate – and assignment – to abide affected acquiescence in the blur V for Vendetta.

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