Film Assignment

Your appointment is to do a blur as art assay and NOT a cine review. Not aloof an assay of the blur itself, but of the blur as it relates to actuality a appointment of art. You should be attractive for imagery, anapestic language, accustomed environment, concrete beauty, camera angles, angle and alike appropriate effects. You should NOT be cogent me about the story… I accept apparent it… instead acquaint how the administrator acclimated blur as an art form, his use or abridgement of use of color, music, scenery, images, costumes, etc. to get his point across.
The appointment should be typed – bifold spaced and appropriately formatted to get any acclaim for this assignment. No beyond than 12 chantry and either Times New Roman or Arial only. 
On appellation folio amuse accommodate appellation of film, director, and capital actors. There should be 2 -3 pages of writing. This is absolutely an assessment cardboard so accumulate it as such, you can aback your assessment with scenes, curve etc from the cine but it needs to be your work!!

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