Fight On

Heritage Anteroom is abounding with retired jerseys, trophies and bold balls. Over the accomplished 125 years, Cuss's football aggregation has fielded added Hessian bays winners than any alternative academy with seven. 37 of its players has been adopted and anointed in the College Football Anteroom Of Fame. In this bless anteroom additionally stands Cuss's 11 National championship trophies; with its aftermost bays in 2004. The dim lights anointed memorabilia and admired armpit all adds to the bold day experience. From Heritage Hall, the abutting stop is the Grand Old Lady or frequently referred to as 'The Coliseum". Outside the Coliseum is the diehard, adherent fan base. At 7 am the parking lot is abounding with diehard admirers that appear aboriginal to tailgate above-mentioned to the game. As you accomplish your way to the access of the Coliseum the spices and aroma of altogether acclimatized aliment attacks your senses. You can't advice but apprehension the brotherhood and friendships formed while the booze flows. It is in the parking lot you see the adherence and years of adherence displayed by its fans. In the advanced row abutting to the amphitheater stands the best committed fan. An earlier man, scruffy attractive stands abutting to his Winnebago. He is dressed in the acceptable garbs for the day. His Winnebago is covered from advanced to aback in Cardinal and Gold; from his speakers blares the schools song 'Aught On'. Walking by he gives you the greeting of the day 'Fight on' and talks about the accessible annihilation that is to arise shortly. Following the abiding breeze of admirers you alpha to booty in the adorableness and adroitness in the architecture of the stadium. The artist absolved no amount in the capacity of this cautiously advised allotment of avant-garde history. At the access of this avant-garde Art Deco aggressive amphitheater stands two brownish statues o admire "Olympic Gateway". Looking around, the amphitheater appearance continued accumbent curve that breeze as bland as the Mississippi River. The curves and portholes evocative of woman's anatomy pay accolade to the old Greek and Roman style. The afterpiece you get to the amphitheater you activate to apprehend the barrage of the crowd. The amphitheater agitation as 93,000 Cardinal and Gold clad admirers carol and acclamation for their admired football team. Down on the amusement is Tommy Trojan and his majestic white steed Traveler. Abutting to them is the admirable USC 'Song Girls' as they anticipate the team's access into the stadium. In the North Tunnel you can see the aggregation walking against the field. Hand and Hand the players advance as one team. U-S-C, U-S-C chants are aural as they run out assimilate the acreage escorted by Tommy Trojan and the Song Girls. Seeing the players trotting assimilate the acreage the admirers are affronted up into a agitated state. At that moment the Spirit of Troy Marching Band strikes up to the tune of Seven Nation Army. The army responds by singing along. You can see the abhorrence in the opponent's eyes as they anticipate their fate. After all the prename festivities, alpha has assuredly arrived. Tommy Trojan and Traveler accomplish their way to mid field. His armor is clean, on the brightest day you can see your reflection. With attention and accurateness he swings his blade. His movements are absolute his brand slices thru the air like a hot knife thru adulate and with ascendancy he buries his brand abysmal into the field. It's bold time! As the bold goes on the army is absolutely engaged. With every tackle, catch; you apprehend the crowds JOSH and SHAHS. When USC array a touchdown the army becomes chaotic, like animals that has tasted claret and is apprehension the final kill. High fives and hugs are apparent about the stadium. It is a acceptable day, from the aperture alpha to the final complete Of the bold a USC Bold produces on every level. From the history beheld thru the bottle at Heritage Anteroom to the prename anniversary at the Coliseum USC Football amateur are one for the history books. The adherence of an cutting fan base; additional the aerial expectations makes for an outstanding bold day atmosphere. The fans, traditions and championships makes the University of Southern California Football bold the ultimate bold day experience.

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