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Instructions Submit your final activity on The Venice Family Clinic There are two apparatus to this submission: a basic account angle presentation and a projected authoritative budget. The basic account angle should be submitted as a presentation (either PowerPoint or an agnate tool) with apostle notes. The projected authoritative account should be uploaded alone as an Excel spreadsheet. In Milestone Two, you submitted a asperous abstract of this projected authoritative account which is absorbed beneath alleged MILESTONE 2 and the Excel area abstract is absorbed below! Incorporate your instructor's acknowledgment and abide your final abstract of the proposed authoritative account as allotment of your final activity submission.     The venice Family clinic: 2018 Annual Report (most accepted Annual Report available) &  Consolidated Financial Statements for the Year Ended June 30, 2018 ARE ATTACHED BELOW FOR REFERENCE. Must use. Please chase all analytical elements of activity which instructions are in guidelines and rubrics absorbed below. Milestones 1,2 & 3 accept already been done above-mentioned to this final project.  

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