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Rough Draft: Effects of Stress on Health -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Using the advice we covered in chic & your MLA appearance guide, actualize a Works Cited Page for the afterward entries. Remember, DETAILS MATTER!!! Periods and commas are important. Some of the advice provided in these sources may not charge to be included in your entries.   Remember, don't aloof go in adjustment of entries. Works Cited pages should be in a appropriate order... Source 1 Source type: Book Author: Robert Zimmerman Title: Ethics in the School System Place of Publication: New York Publisher: Hoffman-Brown Publication Year: 1986 Medium of Publication: Print Source 2 Source type: Book Authors: Renee Black, Alex Green Title: Effective School Administration Place of Publication: Boston Publisher: Scholastics Publication Year: 2011 Medium of Publication: Print Source 3 Source type: Magazine Article Author: Clara Bright Article Title: Principal Changes Policies Title of Periodical: Time Date of Publication: 31 Jan. 2011 Pages: 113-115 Source 4 Source type: Newspaper Article Author: Jim Smalley Article Title: School District Meets Goals for Improvement Title of Periodical: The Spokesman Review Date of Publication: 31 Jan. 2011 Page: A5 Medium of Publication: Print Source 5 Source type: Web Article Author: Owen Anderson Article Title: Effective Principals Take Charge Website: Education Matters Publisher: Education Matters Publication Date: 6 Dec. 2010 Your Access Date: 31 Jan. 2011 URL: http://educationmatters.org/ Medium of Publication: Print

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