FAS Discussion 6

 You accept and acknowledge to the afterward catechism during the Discussion:  If you were the aesthetic administrator of a bartering amphitheater what would you do? Serve the traditionalists, who accept buttered your aliment (so to speak) purchased melancholia amphitheater tickets, (though you accept not fatigued in a added able and abreast audience) or would you serve art, for art’s sake, balloon about bourgeois tradition, your amphitheater is alteration with technology (and with the times) and will serve a new, basic theater?  Perhaps you would like to comedy it safe, yet additionally explore. As art director, you can apparatus two assorted seasons; one to accomplish the traditional, bourgeois trend, while during the afterward division casting a added net, breaking acceptable rules. Keep in mind, while accomplishing so, that basic division can additionally about-face off the traditionalist admirers in the process. By accepting a added audience, you may additionally lose the acceptable bourgeois associates who consistently appearance up and abutment your theater. Either way, it's a gamble, you may win? But you additionally could lose! Make a accommodation (as art director) and altercate why you anticipate that is the best way to move your amphitheater forward.   

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