"Ancient Greece and Athletics" Please acknowledge to the following, application sources beneath the Explore branch as the base of your response: Describe the age-old Greek aggressive character, and analyze the age-old Olympics (as a anniversary featuring athletics) to the Olympics today, anecdotic any above differences. Explain what the Olympic rules apropos females and evidence, such as the "running girl" artifact, acknowledge about changeable cachet and Greek contest in accurate Greek city-states.  Explore Ancient Greek Contest and Changeable Status Chapter 4 (p. 118), Olympics. Chapters 4 (pp. 113-114), women in Sparta; For Athens later, see pp. 137-8.  British Museum’s Running Girl antiquity at http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/highlights/highlight_objects/gr/b/bronze_figure_of_a_girl.aspx Philadelphia’s Penn Museum on Women and Greek contest at http://www.penn.museum/sites/olympics/olympicsexism.shtml _____________________________________________________________ The Aggressive Appearance of the Age-old Greeks · Why do you anticipate the aggressive attributes of the Greeks was so important for their success as a bodies and culture? · What are some of the advantages of actuality actual competitive? · Greece was actual baby compared to all her neighbors (like Persia and Egypt) so why was actuality aggressive a big advantage for Greece? The Age-old Olympics vs The Avant-garde Olympics · Talk about the actuality that Greek macho athletes competed nude against today (imagine how that would comedy out with avant-garde television, lol) · Discuss the arduous ambit of the avant-garde amateur with so abounding nations against the abate cardinal of Greek cities · Are the Olympics today added about ‘the athletes’ or the ‘nations’? Women in the Olympic Games · Check out folio 116 for advice on did women watch the games? Did they participate? Women’s roles in Greek society · After attractive at the role women played in both watching and accommodating in the Olympic Games, what do anticipate the role of women was in Greek society? Were they valued? Did they accept a articulation in society?

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