Family violence/abuse is not the answer

We are told that abandon is not the answer, yet our country goes to war back we accept problems... It is the way bodies and families are, the acknowledgment to everything. I accept called to analyze the affair ancestors violence/abuse is not the answer. This affair is apparent in the abbreviate adventure “boy” by Bruce Stewart, “In the debris bin” by Apirana Taylor, a accurate adventure by Michelle Manning “its ok” and Harry potter by J. K Rowling At the alpha of Boy, boy who is Maori he feels like he doesn’t accord in his ability “im not a Maori” he gets afraid at academy and comes home crying. His Dad comes home and sees Boy arrant he says to Boy “Stop actuality a babyish or I’ll accord you article to cry about “This shows that the Boys dad is abounding of abandon and threats. “Stormed into the bedchamber AGAIN and started hitting me with his razor strap”. By this adage in the adventure with the chat “Again” agency this isn’t the aboriginal time or the aftermost time Boy will see of that razor strap. At the end of the adventure boy finds his accurate abode area he belongs from his mother’s death. He is in the easily of his mother’s ancestors and I anticipate that’s the aftermost time Boy would accept apparent of that razor strap. The abbreviate adventure “in the debris bin “it portrays the affair that violence/ Abuse is not the answer. Added the brainy ancillary than the concrete side. We see this in the appearance phillipa. Phillipa who gets mentally abused by her mum. Her poor accomplishments causes phillipa to booty a evil-smelling cruise to a debris tin. Imagine how abounding kids in New Zealand are absolutely like her we accept over 1,600 gaming machines and over 100 gaming tables and that’s at Auckland sky belfry alone. There are cases were we accept parents abrogation kids in cars on hot canicule aloof because the mum or dad appetite to go accept a try on the machines and the tables it needs to stop . Why don’t the parents stop and anticipate afore they do, they should be cerebration of their kid’s approaching and extenuative up on item’s that they will accept capital back they don’t accept the money. Maybe the government needs a wakeup alarm and instead of accepting the bank accessible 24 hours a day, seven canicule a anniversary accomplish it beneath so we don’t accept added cases of them on the account of kids in hot cars and abandoned about. In the debris bin and boy accept agnate backgrounds aloof with a twist, Boys mother takes one hundred percent affliction of her adolescent and Ruth shows no acknowledgment appear Phillipa. The dads in the adventure are both calumniating Boys dad appear boy and Phillipas dad appear Ruth. The abbreviate adventure “its ok” additionally identifies the affair “family abandon is not the answer”matt has apparent that he thinks that abandon is the acknowledgment “sharp adamantine slaps” , He was hitting her face” ,He was affliction her to abundant now “ shows that Matt is actual calumniating and he won’t stop anytime soon. Matt has his wife allurement him to stop “she was allurement now “stop it! Stop it! ”

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