Fair Play Final Project

   Instructions: Develop a fair play/ sportsmanship affairs for one of three accessible scenarios that  you will accept a best to baddest from :  Select one of three accessible scenarios:  2. A PE abecedary that wants to apparatus a fair play/ sportsmanship affairs in the varsity aggregation they drillmaster at school.    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part I: Mission statement What is your mission back implementing your amount arrangement as a drillmaster or concrete apprenticeship (PE) teacher? What are the things that you affairs angle for? This could be a one to two paragraphs.  Part II: Amount System: what are (at atomic 5 ) ethics that you will advance through your action / PE program. This ethics charge to be declared accouterment adapted and inappropriate description and examples of anniversary value. Example: respect, adapted behaviors back accident a bold etc etc. You can acquisition this advice through the book affiliate and alternative readings.  Part III. Aggregation or PE Affairs Logo: Develop a aggregation or affairs logo that represents your amount system.  Part IV. Letter to the parents: Develop a letter that you will accelerate to parents at the alpha of the division or academy year that represent your amount system. Mention rewards and accessible after-effects for not afterward arrangement rules.   Part V. Conclusions: For this allotment you aloof charge to address an all-embracing absorption of the advance and the things that you learn. What are the things that you ability apparatus in the approaching as a PE abecedary or coach? What are the things that you ability do as a parent? What are the things that you accede or disagree with the advice abstruse in this class? 

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