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   The abstract states that a solar beneficiary adverse south has an azimuth bend of 180 degrees, while 0 degrees back adverse north. In the arctic hemisphere, breadth we are currently located, amid the latitudes of 23 and 90, the sun is consistently in the south. For this reason, panels are generally directed to the south to get the best out of the sun’s energy.  The azimuth bend of a beneficiary has an important aftereffect in the ability of a solar collector. Altered ethics of the Azimuth bend for a console will comedy a role in accretion or abbreviating its efficiency. There are a alternation of equations that chronicle the ability of the solar beneficiary to the azimuth angle. This affiliation will advice us accept how the ability changes with the azimuth angle.  First, the ability ƞ of a solar beneficiary is accustomed by Eq 1. Where Eq 1represents the advantageous calefaction gain, Ac the breadth of the beneficiary and Ic the irradiance abstinent on the agee even of the collector. The irradiance (Ic) abstinent on the agee even of the beneficiary is affected by abacus the absolute axle radiation (IBc) arresting a collector’s face, the broadcast radiation(IDc) on the beneficiary and the radiation (IRc) reflected by surfaces in advanced of the console as apparent in Equation 2 below.  The absolute axle radiation (IBc) is the allocation of IC that accounts for the solar azimuth bend of the collector. The adaptation of direct-beam radiation (IB) into absolute axle insolation arresting a solar beneficiary (IBc) is a action of the bend of accident ϴ, which is amid amid a band fatigued accustomed to the beneficiary face and the admission solar axle radiation (Figure 7). Figure 7. The accident bend θ amid a accustomed to the beneficiary face and the admission solar axle radiation. The bend of accident θ will be a action of the beneficiary acclimatization and the distance and azimuth angles of the sun at any time. Similarly, the solar beneficiary is angled up at an bend Ʃ and faces in a administration declared by its azimuth bend φC, as apparent in Figure 8 below.  Figure 8. Illustrating the beneficiary azimuth bend φC and bend bend Ʃ, forth with the solar azimuth bend φS and distance bend β. The accident bend is accustomed by Eq 3. Equation 3 describes the cosine of the accident bend (ϴ) breadth β represents the distance angle, φc the beneficiary azimuth angle, φs is the solar azimuth bend and Ʃ the bend angle.  Similarly, the cosine of the accident bend is acclimated to account the direct-beam radiation arresting the beneficiary as apparent in Equation 4. Where IB represents the absolute axle radiation.  As we can see from the relations given, if we dispense the amount of the collector’s azimuth bend the bend of accident will change and so the amount for IBc. Consequently, IC will additionally change, and so the ability will vary.  Now, if this bend is added it will go through a aeon of absolute and abrogating values. Since cosine is alternate amid 0 and 2п, it cannot increase. Therefore, if we go through the calculations, we will acquisition out that accretion the azimuth bend can access or abatement the amount of Ic. Since Ic is in the denominator of the blueprint to account efficiency, back IC is decreased, the ability of the beneficiary will access and if IC is increased, the ability of the beneficiary will decrease. Using altered ethics in the adding of the Azimuth bend shows that the optimal azimuth bend is with the beneficiary adverse south.  Also, the arrangement adverse east would accomplish hardly added activity than the one adverse west. Finally, if the console is installed adverse north, the activity assembly could be bargain up to 35%.

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