Extras Book Summary

EXTRAS Scott Westerfeld Extras by Scott Westerfeld fits into the Juvenile Science Fiction genre. It is anecdotal in aboriginal being by the advocate of the adventitious Aya Fuse. It is the fourth aggregate in the Uglies trilogy, and clashing the aboriginal three books we are guided through this adventitious by Aya Fuse a fifteen-year-old Japanese babe whose one appetite in activity is to be accepted by blame an absorbing adventitious about article important. It’s been over three years back the cure for the academician lesions was appear and the apple is boring regaining what it has lost. They now alive after those austere roles and rules from the past, and the apple is in a complete cultural renaissance. The adventitious follows Aya and her accompany in a apple not far from our own area acceptance is actually money and bodies charge ascertain what affairs best to them and what they are accommodating to do to affected activity as an extra. Acceptance is aggregate and will buy you the best comfortable house, the best abundant clothing, and accepted friends. Whoever is accepting the best fizz gets the best votes. Acceptance rules. Aya Fuse's rank of 451,369 is so low, she's a absolute nobody. An extra. But Aya doesn't care; she aloof wants to lie low with her drone, Moggle. And maybe bang a acceptable adventitious for herself. She is the advocate of the story. Throughout the adventitious she gets advice from some alternative characters such as her friends. She meets the Sly Girls who are acutely accustomed girls who alive on the agrarian ancillary by benumbed on top of a cool fast mag-lev alternation while aggravating to breach abroad from the kickers. Aya has some advice accepting it appropriate from her acclaimed brother Hiro, her tech acquaintance Ren, her admirer Frizz, the always-helpful David, and the Cutters: Shay, Fausto, and Tally. These eight bodies ascertain the accuracy abaft the metal curtailment and the barbaric freaks, while already afresh aggravating to save themselves and the apple from destruction. Aya Fuse, accompanied by her hover cam Moggle, crashes a affair acquisitive to clue bottomward a accumulation she saw surfing a mag-lev train, a adventitious which she believes will accomplish her famous. She follows one of the group's members, Eden Maru, out of the party, but they about get abroad back she is absent by Frizz Mizuno. Aya leaves after cogent Frizz her abounding name. She again follows Eden into an underground cave, area she is ambushed by the mag-lev riders, who alarm themselves the Sly Girls. The group's baton Jai gives Aya a adventitious to accompany them, but to do so she is affected to bead Moggle into an underground lake. The abutting day, she visits her brother Hiro. Hiro and his acquaintance Ren Machino debris to accept Aya's account of the Sly Girls because they are an burghal legend in the city. Ren agrees to advice Aya retrieve Moggle. Aya additionally happens aloft a adventitious about Frizz, advertent that he started a bunch based around brain anaplasty which enforces honesty. That evening, Aya goes mag-lev surfing with the Sly Girls. During the journey, the girls are afraid back the alternation stops, and they see barbaric abstracts loading the alternation up with a array of items hidden aural a abstruse underground room. Aya retrieves Moggle, and uses him to blur her abutting circuit with the Sly Girls. They go on addition mag-lev surfing cruise which ends in analysis of the underground allowance they had discovered. Central are abounding ample cylinders of metal and a ample channel arch to the top of the mountain, neither of which are accepted by the Sly Girls. They plan to acknowledgment to analyze further, but Aya's believability is broke by the blame of a account adventitious about Frizz Mizuno advancing to allocution to her by her dorm. Aya is affected to breach off acquaintance with Frizz in adjustment to lose fame. The adventitious leaves her disillusioned by the abhorrent comments of the kickers. However, she does accept the adventitious to acquaint Hiro and Ren about the Sly Girls story. Ren guesses that the channel central the abundance is a mass drive which, accumulated with the animate projectiles, could be acclimated to barrage an advance on the city. When Aya abutting meets the Sly Girls they acknowledge that they knew she was a kicker, and accept absitively to acquiesce her to bang the adventitious of the accumulation driver. They barrage themselves and Aya out of the accumulation disciplinarian with bootleg parachutes. This gives them one aftermost adventure afore they allotment ways, and additionally giving The Sly Girls time to move on to a altered city. Aya bliss her adventitious and becomes instantly famous, but is anxious back she receives a bulletin from Tally Youngblood. The bulletin tells her to "run and hide", and Aya is about captured by the inhumans while aggravating to do so. Eventually, Aya uses her acclaim to booty ascendancy of a high-security apartment, and waits there until Tally arrives accompanied by Shay and Fausto. After talking, the Cutters go hover boarding with Aya, Hiro, Frizz and Ren. Aya has a arresting up for her hover cam, and the Cutters addition it so the inhumans could acquisition them. They are anon captured, and on the inhumans address Frizz charcoal their plan. The Cutters beating out the inhumans and put the hover car on autopilot. The Cutters, Aya, Frizz, Hiro, and Ren jump out of the hover car. They again accept to biking through a boscage to accommodated David. After chief Aya, Ren, Hiro, and Frizz would get in the way, Tally, Shay, and Fausto plan to leave them area they were. Meanwhile the Cutters, would go to abort the ships of the inhumans. After they accept left, Aya says that she is activity as well. Ren, Hiro, and Frizz appear with her. Soon, they are bent by the inhumans and accommodated Andrew Simpson Smith. He mistakes Aya for Tally. The inhumans explain what they were accomplishing with the metal, and again they apprehend explosions. Aya, her friends, and brother blitz over there and acquaint Tally what the ships are for. Soon, anybody is angry adjoin the blaze that the Cutters had started. Aya, Frizz, Hiro, and Ren all become acclaimed in their city. Aya again becomes the 3rd best acclaimed person. Aya, her friends, and the Cutters again go to the Thousand Faces Party. There, Aya meets up with Lai and tells Aya a abstruse about the cake. After, Frizz tells Aya that he ability leave Radical Bluntness because he didn't charge the accumulation to acquaint the truth. In the end Aya sees Tally and David calm in the dark.

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