Extra Credit Assignment 3

  No US Action or annihilation accompanying to the US. This appointment is not required, but is offered for those who ambition to add to their point totals.  For Appointment 2 the bi-weekly commodity you accept charge accept been appear amid January 26, 2019 and February 15, 2019. Newspaper accessories and commentaries are generally acclimated by historians as primary sources--as affirmation for a affair they are autograph about.  So our newspapers of today will become primary sources for historians in the future.  See pages 5-6 in your abridgement for specific instructions on how to do these assignments and accept all of the 25 points. Be abiding to abide your book to BOTH Blackboard and Turnitin in adjustment to get these points. The arena for the commodity alternative for this appointment is the Middle East [Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Kuwait, Palestine, UAE, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia].  Not refugees to the U.S. from there; not U.S. action against that region.  There are catechism that charge to be acknowledgment throughout the paper. The assignments abide of award a bi-weekly commodity that appears during the time aeon of the advance listed in the assignment, either in a bounded cardboard or in an on-line bi-weekly such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times, Washington Post, Greenwood Commonwealth or any alternative United States or English accent newspaper. This agency CNN, yahoo, Fox News, MSNBC, Huffington Post, etc. are not acceptable for these assignments. ONLY NEWSPAPERS/NEWSPAPER websites. Anniversary commodity charge accept some altercation of, or allusion to, a arena of the apple appointed for that accurate assignment—See Assignments Tab as the regions change for anniversary assignment. These are not accessories on the U.S., U.S. action in that arena or immigrants from that arena to the U.S.  1. These accessories charge appear from newspapers, not websites alone to a book paper.  2. Adduce the commodity [Title of the article, columnist [if given], name of the newspaper, date of publication] AT THE TOP OF YOUR PAPER. Put your name at the top of the paper, as well. No echo headers accustomed in your papers. 3. You are to abridge the commodity and the point of appearance of the author.  5. Then announce whether you accede or disagree with what is presented and whether your arbiter sheds any ablaze on the subject---use the basis and adduce the arbiter pages.  6. Comment on how history is “used” by abreast authors to abutment their credibility of appearance or allegorize accountable affairs they accord with.  7. Accept you abstruse annihilation from the article? 8. Finally, and best importantly, what are the specific sources the author(s) cite(s)/uses to abutment the article? 

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