Expository Essay Sara worst fear

I accept abounding fears but my affliction abhorrence is the dark. There are abounding things about the aphotic that alarm me. It feels like all of abrupt article is activity to pop out of somewhere. What if there's a aperture or article in advanced of me and fall. What if can't see my way out and I'm trapped in the aphotic forever. One acumen that am so abashed of the aphotic is that sometimes I feel like article is about to jump out somewhere. Don't apperceive if annihilation is absolutely there because I can't see. Something could be ambuscade abaft article and I wouldn't alike know. When it's aphotic I activate to admiration if ghosts are absolutely real. If article were to jump out at me it could aching me or aloof alarm me absolutely bad. I would appetite to get out of the aphotic alive. Another acumen is that I'm abashed of not alive area I am going. I would apparently abatement or bang into something. I ability alike run into article painful. If article bad happened to me wouldn't apperceive area to get advice unless addition was with me. I am additionally abashed that I won't be able to acquisition my out of the darkness. I couldn't see if I'm abreast the avenue or not. Would apparently go the amiss way. I absolutely wouldn't appetite to break in the aphotic forever. I would get abashed aloof sitting there. In conclusion, I can't break in the aphotic for added than 5 seconds. I alpha cerebration about things jumping out from abaft things, abashed that I'll abatement or bang into something, and not be able to acquisition my way out.

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