Explain the personal attributes valued by employers of IT personnel

I am alive in careers admonition for IT personnel. I accept been asked to aftermath a baby album on admired agent attributes and advice barriers. I will address a address answer the claimed attributes admired by employers. Attitudes Determination Determination is actual important in the abode as it shows that they are able to get on and complete the assignment after accepting distracted. Determination is additionally abundant back adverse problems as the agent will be bent to accomplishment the assignment and will try aggregate to afflicted any problems that may anticipate them from their end goal. Whilst on my internship at BP I was actual bent to accomplishment the assignment and I didn’t acquiesce annihilation to abstract me from commutual the work. This accustomed me to complete added assignment in the time anatomy I was accustomed which was actual advantageous to my team. Independence Independence is additionally a actual important bendable accomplishment to accept in the workplace. Advisers will be accepted to complete tasks on their own after any advice from others. Advisers charge to anticipate for themselves and not await on alternative bodies to acquaint them what they accept to do next. At BP I showed ability by authoritative affairs with bodies I bare specific advice rather than cat-and-mouse for addition to appear to me. Additionally back I was accustomed tasks, I would assignment on it abandoned and if I got to problems I would try to afflicted them on my own. Planning skills Planning is important in the abode it involves cerebration advanced to adjudge what you charge to do to accomplish a ambition aural a accustomed timescale. It’s important in planning that goals are established, strategies and objectives are absitively to be successful. By planning tasks can be done in the time given. Whilst at BP I showed planning abilities by attractive at the tasks I had and again planning how I was activity to attempt the tasks. Such as cartoon diagrams or autograph bottomward the formulas and area I was activity to use them in my excel sheets. Time management To accomplish the best use of your time, you charge to administer it effectively. To do this you accept to booty ascendancy on your time and plan back you are activity to complete things by; application a account would help. Additionally you charge to accomplish abiding that time is adequate from interruptions and accomplish abiding you are austere on time authoritative abiding basic tasks are done afore accomplishing beneath important things. Being acceptable at time administration will be advantageous because it will beggarly that tasks will be done for the borderline and the agent will never be backward for affairs or for assignment which agency that assignment can be done back it’s needed. On my internship I showed time administration abilities by planning my tasks for specific times and authoritative abiding I had it done by the deadline. Additionally authoritative abiding if I had affairs in addition architecture I larboard abundant time to get there to accomplish abiding I wasn’t late. Specific Attributes Job For some jobs abstruse ability will be needed. for instance in my job at BP I bare to accept ability on IT programs such as Microsoft, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and additionally bare to accept ability on SharePoint which is acclimated for online storage. An agent ability authenticate abstruse abilities by demography and casual bookish or abstruse qualifications, or you ability accept a affidavit to prove that you accept a appropriate skill; such as ICT Qualifications. Health and safety If an agent is unwell again they should break off assignment until they are recovered. Coming into assignment ailing will again accomplish anybody abroad ailing and in adjustment to anticipate this they charge to get bigger at home. The Health and Safety at Assignment Act requires all advisers to ‘take reasonable affliction of themselves and others who could be afflicted by what they do’. This Act additionally states that if you are an agent who has ‘been afflicted at work, apparent a alarming occurrence, or your doctor has certified that you accept a work-related reportable disease, you charge acquaint your employer’.

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