Expert tuttor phylosophy discussion

Why is a aesthetics of science important to nursing? Accommodate examples from your analytic convenance that authenticate how the accurate adjustment influences nursing knowledge, and in turn, practice? (Essentials I, III, VI, VIII and IX) Discussion Rubric The antecedent column will be apropos the affair of the anniversary and will be a minimum of 250 words. Make abiding you accommodate adapted references and advance APA style. Peer posts will be a minimum of 75-100 words, contrarily will be counted as 0. There will be a absolute of 8 altercation posts account 1.25 credibility anniversary or 10 credibility of your grade. In adjustment to access abounding acclaim acceptance charge chase the aloft requirements. Anniversary altercation will be allocated to a specific Master's Essential. Criteria 1.25 Point 1 Point 0.75 Point 0 Participation Weight 25.00% 100 % 3 Posts 80 % 2 Posts 60 % 1 Posts 0 % 0 Posts Quality of informtaion Weight 25.00% 100 % Information is bright and relates to topic 80 % Information is somewhat bright and ability chronicle to topic 60 % Information has little affiliation to affair and is not acutely displayed 0 % Information is not bright and it does not chronicle to topic Resources Weight 25.00% 100 % Provides accordant assets application APA guidelines 80 % Provides accordant assets after APA guidelines 60 % Limited on the assets provided with above errors in APA 0 % Does not accommodate any resources Critical Thinking Weight 25.00% 100 % Enhances the analytical cerebration action through apriorism reflection 80 % Enhances the analytical cerebration action after apriorism reflection 60 % Does enhance the analytical cerebration action in a actual bound manner 0 % Does not enhance the analytical cerebration process

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