Expert Testimony

You were the advance investigator on Operation Stop Hack and accept now been subpoenaed as an able attestant in the case adjoin the perpetrators. It is up to you to back the complexities of the abomination and affirmation to the board so they can accept the accurate procedures application in acceptable the crimes resolution. Write a cardboard of no beneath than three to bristles pages in which you: Analyze the all-embracing procedures for First Responder and Incident Handling, and ascertain the axiological way in which such procedures chronicle to the book in this specific case.  Explain the above accomplish complex in affirmation acquisition, and how to advance the candor of the evidence, analogue any and all backlash if the affirmation is break preserved. Consider the accent of the alternation of custody, and explain the capital affidavit why the affidavit appropriate to bottle the alternation of aegis is critical.   Use no beneath than three affection assets in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and agnate Websites do not authorize as affection resources.

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