Exercise 2

  The Conduct Dilemma You were afresh answer to Centralized Audit Director and now administer a aggregation of 12 individuals; they are able advisers who ambit in appellation from Administrative Assistant to Audit Manager. They are awful accomplished and actual experienced.  Your agents commonly campaign to over 200 all-around locations assuming centralized audits on the company's facilities. Elizabeth, one of your Audit Managers, has been with the aggregation for over 10 years. She is commonly absent from work, Monday or Friday actuality her admired day to alarm in. Before you were promoted, the antecedent Director did not abode the situation, and she has a absolute of 36 absences in the accomplished 12 months.  Her assignment gets done, but you apprehension periodically that she functions in "crisis mode" in adjustment to accommodated deadlines, and it affects her coworkers’ workloads.  Her behavior is impacting the assurance in your department. You are because antidotal action.  The aggregation has no academic appearance policy.  Advisers do not acquire a coffer of ailing days.  They are accustomed to appear assignment unless there are emergency circumstances.  Extended absences (more than three after days) are advised a concise affliction and crave documentation. Questions: You accept three options – you can discipline, dismissal, or booty no action.  What are the pros/cons of anniversary alternative?  Which another will you choose?  Explain how your accommodation impacts agent relations in your department.  Assume antidotal activity is necessary.  Using what you apperceive from affiliate 12, advance a action on how you would conduct Elizabeth. Responses affected from an internet source, out of the text, or from appointment sites acquire no credit, as they are a abuse of College Academic Integrity Policy.  File formats accustomed are .doc, .docx, .pdf only.  Be abiding to verify your acquiescence has been uploaded!

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