Exegetical and Homiletical Paper

The cardboard consists of two parts. Must address from a Evangelical Christian angle on the Biblical scriptures from Esther Chapter 4 vs. 1-17 - chat studies should be translated from the aboriginal argument - Hebrew (to actuate the meaning) and use the American Standard Bible. You can use a Bible dictionary. 
The two words that charge to be advised are: "deliverance" (which is again several times) 
and "Position".
The catastrophe of the cardboard is an outline of my speech/preaching area I will be speaking on the alarm of activity that God has on our lives "for such a time as this".... Use the adventure of Esther to authenticate God's assignment in our lives and what he is calling us to do. He took an accustomed woman and fabricated her into amazing for His purpose. You charge to accommodate the history and that aeon of time in which Queen Esther lived and how she became ability and how God acclimated her to bear His people. 

Part 1: The Allegorical Cardboard will abide of 9 pages: 
1. One folio of you access with book akin observations
2. One folio of your access with branch & disclosure-level observations. 
3. At atomic 2 pages on the historical-cultural ambience of your passage. 
4. At atomic one folio on the arcane ambience of your paper
5. Chat studies on at atomic two cogent words (one folio each) - Deliverance & Position
6. At atomic two pages of added acumen from at atomic two acceptable commentaries. 

Suggested commentaries are: 
1. Art Scroll Series Megillas Esther, The Answer Is by Rabbi Chagai Vilosky appear by Mesorah Publications, Ltd. Brooklyn, NY www.artscroll.com
2. The Megillah, The Book of Esther Tanach Series - Mesorah Publications, ltd. 

Need to acquisition addition Hebrew source. 

Part 2: The Homiletical Cardboard 1 to 2 pages 
1. What is the allegorical idea? 
2. What is the homiletical idea? 
3. What is the purpose of your sermon?
4. Outline 

Outline is to be done in 4 credibility - Big abstraction is What is God's alarm of activity over your life? 

Outline is to accept 4 credibility that I will allege from: 
Each point is to body on the cessation to: 

The bulletin is to be Expository. What is the bulletin and how am I activity to get my point across. 

Any questions, amuse ability out. Thank you. 

Class book is Biblical Preaching: The Development and Delivery of Expository Messages, 3rd copy by Haddon W Robinson (which ability be accessible to you - not bare in cardboard as a resource)

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