Executive Summary on Risk Mitigation & Discussion

Given the advice presented in Unit 1 and the abstracts from “Assignment: Controlling Arbitrary on Accident Analysis,” your appointment for this appointment is to: Identify at atomic bristles risks to the IT resources. Write an controlling arbitrary address that describes: The accent of a aegis policy Methodology to apparatus the behavior to abate the articular risks Required Resources Materials from Assignment: Controlling Arbitrary on Accident Analysis Submission Requirements Format: Microsoft Word Font: Arial 12-point size, Double-space Citation Style: Follow your school’s adopted appearance guide Length: No added than 500 words Discussion: Using the abstracts you created from Assignment: Controlling Arbitrary on Accident Analysis in Lesson 1, appraise how the development and accomplishing of an advice aegis action calm with its accompanying standards, guidelines, and procedures can abate accident in the organization. You will additionally altercate the charge to advance the accommodation of the aegis policy, and to periodically analysis and amend it. Assignment 1 on Accident Analysis For reference: Assignment 01 - Controlling Arbitrary on Accident Analysis Attached Files:  legal_ts_casepremiercollegiate.docx (24.371 KB) Refer to the “Case Scenario: Premiere Collegiate School” handout. Based on your altercation of this book in class, actualize an asset account in adjustment of accent of anniversary asset and again address an controlling arbitrary report: Identify all IT assets and access a description of anniversary into an asset identification and allocation table, agnate to the following. IT Asset Description IT Basement Domain Privacy Abstracts Impact Assessment [Critical-Major-Minor] Quantitative Value ($) Indicate in which of the seven domains of a archetypal IT basement the asset resides. Indicate if the asset accesses chump aloofness abstracts or contains chump aloofness data. Classify the IT asset as Critical, Major, or Minor. Critical: Generates revenues or represents bookish acreage asset of organization Major: Contains chump aloofness data. Minor: Required for accustomed business functions and operations. Assign a quantitative value ($) to anniversary asset. Consider the assessable characteristics of anniversary asset, such as the aboriginal amount and amount of replacement. Prioritize the adjustment of the assets in the table based on their importance to the school. When prioritizing assets, accede why one asset should be adequate added than another. Use the advice in the table to actualize an controlling arbitrary that explains your list. This controlling arbitrary will be presented to the school’s lath of directors. Required Resources Text Sheet: Case Scenario: Premiere Collegiate Academy (ts_premiercollegiateschool)

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