Executive Summary

  You are the Brand Manager for the new abstract aggregation that you've created. Your accepted appointment is to put calm a business plan for your company. In a business plan you will consistently acquisition an Executive Summary. An Executive Arbitrary is a abrupt area that summarizes the capital credibility of the business plan. A business plan consistently opens with an Executive Summary; because it acts as an overview of the absolute business plan, typically, it's one of the aftermost sections written. You will alpha your Executive Arbitrary and abide it as a draft. Your final arbitrary will be angry in with your final business plan in Module 06. In 1-2 pages, alpha your Executive Arbitrary by accouterment the afterward information: Introduce your company. Briefly accommodate aggregation accomplishments information, how continued you've been in business, and any accomplishments or successes. Describe your business activities. What is the attributes of your business? What articles or casework do you offer? What is the name and description of the artefact or account actuality introduced? Why is there a charge in the bazaar for this product? What are the goals for your company/product? Your goals should be in quantitative terms, area possible, to facilitate barometer the company's approaching performance. An archetype of a non-financial goal: "Starbucks will alter its artefact curve to accomplish 30 percent of sales acquirement in latte articles in the abutting three years." An archetype of a banking ambition (note it is specific and measurable): "Starbucks will access sales from $8 actor in 2011 to $12 actor in 2013." Save your appointment as a Microsoft Word document. 

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