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Master's akin forum    Choose a affairs in your accompaniment or bounded government. What blazon of training affairs would you convention that addressed ethical decision-making? Is there one already? If so, what are the components? Are there “best practices” that you would like to see included? Would you crave an adjuration of office? What audits or evaluations would you put in place? What would be the administration apparatus for abuse of your code? When and how would this training booty place? In person, online? Through role play? Test? Conducted by whom? I would like to see you anticipate through the action of how to alternation accessible advisers on ethical decision-making. I alive in Indiana. Lesson:  https://apus.realizeithome.com/RealizeitApp/ContentDelivery.aspx?Token=V7O7S7oeoRgW%2f%2f%2bmjQnFjAEhdJVCct7nldAYwim0AoW4xhE%2fV0QxwE%2bVvb%2f7dfWdSbmkXzRHBRqabri3hEkv5OS1v16b0q0gTcJRruiyiaoJk3sQuswXanHgY85hcxFp5c1nxoOe%2byOJfWIEbFc1Rjhp3BV7TS0VjUUW4VDQX8vzwPpduK2DJbWrzz3xxKgn8zNbwlFVnjt9V0ozAZPbf3eLxYYEbe2Jd1NLU3Wy5fslGnga%2fV8nfq1f4BlFQ%2bfTLLw0GvPvLzdafasohuJrRMaRIP%2bpuNSia8AotE8%2fx4%2bN5aWOJTF5kqJxJWq1IsBWlJ%2f8xxX2qMnZfyGhf3eG3sxkPrNKdaq8cTGDlmtHxTcq9%2b1mTvE59WkIvELGBU7gMbp9u13%2b7Yyh2jwQkTsEzVmhAj9JpBELrnhXPQ%2fVcoU1YCAoFiVyjdRncloxaZyuIOq2f%2bXIPLXUlVIngQfgjQ%3d%3d Due: Wednesday 11/21/18 9pm

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