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 masters akin forum This week's assignment discussed the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and its mandates for such affairs as minimum wage, overtime, etc. The beginning beneath which salaried advisers charge be paid overtime was set in 1975 at $23,700 USD, and was banausic until May 2016 back President Barack Obama attempted to raise the beginning by controlling adjustment to $47,476 USD (the 1975 amount adapted for 41 years of inflation). According to President Obama, the new salaried agent overtime aphorism would have provoked administering to do one of three things: 1) pay overtime accomplishment to their salaried advisers who accomplish beneath than the new threshold, 2) accord raises to salaried advisers who are currently paid beneath than the beginning so that they abide disqualified for overtime, or 3) appoint added advisers to awning the overtime workload and constrain salaried advisers paid beneath than the new beginning to a 40-hour assignment week. In November 2016 this adjustment was blocked by federal cloister injunction, and has not been pursued beneath the Trump administration. However, accede and animadversion on the afterward questions: 1. Of the three options that Obama's controlling adjustment was advised to provoke, which do you anticipate businesses would accept been most acceptable to accept and why? Are there any other options? If so, what are they and what are the acknowledged challenges involved? It is argued that this controlling adjustment would have benefited the macro-level abridgement behindhand of the choices that administering made. Do you agree? Why or why not? lesson attached 3 citations 500 chat minimum

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