subject - Abstracts Visualization Please accomplish it actual anxiously and dormant all the instructions Please apprehend the affiliate 16 in absorbed book and appointment accordingly I accept additionally absorbed the sample - superstore sales data In this assignment, you will use the Sample – Superstore Sales abstracts and actualize a alternation of graphs. This may be analysis for some and cast new for others, but this footfall cannot be disregarded nor can we accept that this is article we all know. OVERVIEW Open the Sample – Superstore abstracts (a basal axis table has been created for you but you are not appropriate to use it). Recreate (the best that you can) the graphs in affiliate 16 of Excel Abstracts Analysis Save an Excel book with a abstracted tab for anniversary blueprint and characterization the tabs with a description of the graph Basic appointment will crop basal grade. To aerate points, you will appetite to accomplish abiding the numbers are formatted appropriately (comma’s, abbreviate date, etc.). Use acute judgment. Below are the some archetype graphs that charge to be done : The abstracts set I provided isn't an exact replica for affiliate 16. You can either add to the abstracts set I provided or charm what is in affiliate 16. I am not attractive for the aforementioned colors, the aforementioned exact aggregate from the PDF, I am aloof attractive for you to appearance me that you can actualize these graphs in Excel. So maybe anticipate of it this way. Appearance me an archetype of the afterward - Clustered Column Chart Combo Chart with Secondary Axis Pictures in Column Chart Band Chart Thermometer Chart Waterfall Chart Stacked Column Chart Sparklines Any one blueprint of your best application PivotCharts

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