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  Part 1: to be completed in Excel® You are the administrator of a retail store. You appetite to investigate how metrics can advance the way you administer your business. Using the Week 5 Data Set, actualize and account the afterward in Excel®: Conduct a advantage of fit assay which assesses orders of a specific account and items you accustomed by size, and do the following: Conduct a antecedent analysis with the cold of free if there is a aberration amid what you ordered and what you accustomed at the .05 akin of significance. Identify the absent and another hypotheses. Generate a besprinkle plot, the alternation coefficient, and the beeline blueprint evaluating whether a accord exists amid the cardinal of times a chump visited the abundance in the accomplished 6 months and the absolute bulk of money the chump spent, and do the following: Set up a antecedent analysis to appraise the backbone of the accord amid the two variables. Use a akin of acceptation of .05. Use the corruption band blueprint to anticipation how abundant a chump ability absorb on commodity if that chump visited the abundance 13 times in a 6-month period. Use the boilerplate account sales of 2014 ($1,310) as your abject to do the following: Calculate indices for anniversary ages for the abutting two years. Graph a time alternation plot. Part 2: to be completed in Connect® Reference your completed Excel® spreadsheet from Part 1. Complete the "Week 5 Case" in Connect®. Note: You accept alone one attack accessible to complete this assignment. Grades charge be transferred manually to eCampus by your instructor. Don't worry, this ability appear afterwards your due date.

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