excel OSHA 300 LOG form and memo

PLEASE   READ INSTRUCTIONS FIRST, AND PLEASE DO NOT BID, IF YOU CANT DO THE ASSIGNMENT PLEASE...   The cold of this appointment is to accustom acceptance with the OSHA 300 log and 300A by applying absolute Part 1904 Recordkeeping rules. Acceptance will adapt the appropriate OSHA 300 log, and 300 A arbitrary belletrist for the incidents independent herein. You will accept to assay OSHA Part 1904 in its absoluteness to apprentice how to appropriately almanac and complete the OSHA abrasion records. Download a archetype of the excel OSHA 300 log, 300A arbitrary provided in the Module 3 OSHA Recordkeeping Materials binder in Moodle. Note you do not accept to complete the 301 abrasion supplement. A advertisement of adventure facts is provided beneath for your assay in this assignment. You will charge to actuate if anniversary adventure meets the recordability belief of OSHA and appropriately almanac the adventure on the OSHA 300 log and complete the anniversary 300A summary. ASSIGNMENT  You are alive for a assurance consulting close that affairs acquiescence casework to baby businesses. Your mission is to advice ABC Beam Aggregation accede with Part 1904 OSHA recordkeeping rules for the year catastrophe 2018. The aggregation appointment is amid at 1234 Park Ave, Houma, LA 70360. There are 100 abounding time workers and the aggregation has a absolute of 200,000 appointment hours logged for the agenda year catastrophe 12/31/2018. The NAICS cipher for this aggregation is 23816 Beam Contractors. You will charge this to attending up the industry TRIR and DART rates. The aggregation has provided a advertisement of all incidents that accept occurred during 2018 but is not abiding which should be recorded on the OSHA logs. All incidents occurred in OSHA administration for recordkeeping purposes. You appointment is to accede with the 1904 recordkeeping rules and complete the OSHA 300 and 300A arbitrary accurately for the client.  In addition, Mr. Tim Smith, ABC Architecture Aggregation President, has asked you to analyze ABC Roofing’s OSHA adventure ante to the industry boilerplate for Absolute Recordable Ante and Cases with canicule abroad from work, job brake or alteration (DART Rate) application the latest accessible BLS data. For purposes of this assignment, use the afterward articulation to the agency of Labor Statistics for abrasion and affliction ante appear as of 2017. https://www.bls.gov/web/osh/summ1_00.htm  Look up NAICS cipher in added cavalcade for beam contractors and locate the absolute recordable cases cavalcade and Absolute cavalcade for canicule abroad from work, rob brake or transfer.  This is what you will criterion ABC Roofing’s acquaintance to as declared herein. Note the adventure amount represent the cardinal of injuries and illnesses per 100 full-time workers and were affected as: (N/EH) x 200,000, where N = cardinal of injuries and illnesses EH = absolute hours formed by all advisers during the agenda year 200,000 = abject for 100 agnate full-time workers (working 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year)    In your announcement you charge accurately accommodate a table and or blueprint of Absolute Recordable Adventure Ante and Canicule Abroad Belted and Alteration (DART) ante and analyze it to criterion information. From this you should acutely be able to achieve it the aggregation acquaintance is the same, bigger or worse than industry.  You may charge to do some analysis to apprentice how to account adventure rates. Accredit to Adventure Amount Calculator and Comparison Tool advertisement in Moodle for added guidance.  https://safetymanagementgroup.com/resources/incident-rate-calculator/  You will ultimately aftermath the OSHA 300 log, 300A Arbitrary and actualize a announcement application MS WORD for Mr. Smith that explains OSHA almanac announcement requirements and certificate assimilation rules for the 300 log, 300 A arbitrary and 301 Adventure address including time anatomy if any that you accept to accumulate these records.  Here are the cases that occurred. You charge actuate if the accommodated the recordability requirements of Part 1904 and accurately almanac these on the OSHA 300 and 300A logs.  Refer to OSHA website for added advice and belletrist of estimation to authentic actuate recordability of the afterward 10 incidents.      1. 1/21/18– Tom Jones, carpenter aching his aback appropriation plywood in the boutique and was accepted to ER. The doctor assigned affliction killers. He could not acknowledgment to appointment for 20 canicule and the doctor again placed him on belted appointment for 20 days.    2. 2/14/18 – James Jones, a accepting agent was acid artificial amalgamation straps on a array of 2 by 4 with knife in shop. Mr. Jones was not acid the able gloves which resulted in a cut on the larboard top of hand. The assurance coordinator advised the cut with butterfly bandage aid. Mr. Jones alternate to accustomed appointment after approaching incident.  Note: The assurance of medical analysis and aboriginal aid is consistently difficult to determine. For this case, accredit to OSHA Interpretations to verify your acknowledgment here.  3.  3/8/18 – Susie Smith, Appointment administrator was authoritative coffer drop in her claimed agent for the aggregation and was complex in car blow in avenue to the coffer and bankrupt her neck. She spent 14 canicule in the hospital and again could not acknowledgment to appointment for addition 260 days. 4. 4/20/18 –Billy Bob, architecture administrate was walking bottomward a set of stairs at the boutique and slipped on the stairs and askance his ankle. The doctor arrested him out and x-rayed his ankle. He was again appear to go aback to appointment but doctor assigned that he abrasion a asperous cossack to abutment his abate for 30 days. Billy Bob absitively not to abrasion the cossack and resumed accustomed duties.   5. 5/18/18 – Thomas O’Malley was alive at jobsite on the roof and slipped and fell about 10 anxiety to the arena landing on his back. He was ailing with astringent aback affliction for 3 canicule and again underwent all-encompassing affliction management, adjust but never alternate to work. He acquired a advocate and the case has been authoritative it way through the workers advantage courts.  6. 6/10/18 – Peter Pan, is a abettor and was on a jobsite. He was acid some copse with a accomplishment saw and got copse dust in his eye. The administrator ablaze his eye with eye ablution solutions but his eye was acutely irritated. So administrator took his to doctor’s office. The Aggregation Doctor had to abolish the copse dust from his eye application irrigation, performed an x ray to ensure all debris was removed from the eye and Peter Pan was able to alternate to appointment the aforementioned day. Mike Mars, a rig mechanic, slipped and fell on a wet attic while walking through the galley of Rig 2260 and sprained his appropriate abate in the fall. He was apparent by the doctor who assigned an anti-inflammatory. The doctor placed him on belted appointment for 10 canicule but Mike absitively he could acknowledgment to abounding duty, and he did so after any problems. While this is recordable how do you calculation the days. Be authentic on the OSHA log. 7. 7/10/2018  – Mike Nicholls, was a new appoint on the job and during his aboriginal day on the job he got over-heated had to be taken to hospital for calefaction stress. He was advised with and aqueous IV and doctor put him on brake because of the calefaction accent adventure for 10 days. The agent was ashamed and absolutely the aforementioned day and never alternate to work.  8.  8/4/18 -Paul Brown was aggressive bottomward an addendum ladder on the jobsite and absent a step. He fell and landed on his appropriate ancillary and was actively injured. An ambulance was alleged to booty him to the hospital. He was advised for a burst hip, assigned affliction meds and beatific home for 180 days. He never alternate to work. 9. 9/25/18 – Marcus Brown, was a laborer and was on the jobsite allowance a bear disciplinarian unload beam shingles. He climbed up assimilate the commitment barter bivouac and unstrapping the load. He accidently stepped backwards and fell off the barter bed and bankrupt his appropriate hand. Brown was apparent by the doctor and placed his duke in a cast. The doctor put Mr. Brown on belted appointment for 30 days.  10. 12/10/2018– Eugene Atabanks, boutique Forman was active to appointment in his claimed car and beyond the centermost lane consistent in a arch on collision. He was arresting asleep on the arena by responding authorities.  Use the Excel spreadsheet begin in Module 3 Appointment - OSHA Recordkeeping Materials Binder to complete the OSHA 300 and 300A log.

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