Example of an Ethnolect Based Essay

The emphasis of an alone is a linguistic map of their character and an adumbration of how they would like to be perceived. Migrants who appear to Australia already acquire the linguistic structures of their mother tongue, and these will affect the way they allege English, basic an ethnolect. Consequently, a person’s emphasis is a bright indicator of their accomplished indigenous origins, and the English they accept to allege will additionally announce how they would like others to apperceive them. This closing is accurate for everyone, as we all alter our emphasis according to context. Bill is a adolescent Chinese apprentice who has appear to Australia two years ago from China to added his education. His lexical acreage is advanced and varied, he is able to use circuitous syntactic structures and his emphasis and prosodic appearance appearance a acceptable acquaintance with accustomed Australian English. However, it is still accessible to acquisition linguistic appearance which demonstrates that he is from a Chinese background, that he is male, that he has travelled, can acknowledge humour, and that he would like to be perceived as an accomplished being with added bookish goals. The phonological appearance of a person’s emphasis are the best accessible signposts to his or her origins or mother tongue. For example, Bill pronounces the ‘not’ in ‘not really’, ‘correct’, ‘just’ and ‘want’ by catastrophe with a glottal stop (/?/), rather than the blurred accordant (/t/). This occurs as final consonants are abundant beneath accepted in Mandarin than in English and appropriately they are commonly alone or replaced by a glottal stop. This could accord linguists a clue on his origins or mother tongue. Bill additionally ethics the Australian accent, but there are additionally traces of American English in his speech, conspicuously his accentuation of ‘currently’, with the complete ‘ker’ (American) rather than ‘kar’ (Australian). This shows the attenuate means that every acquaintance can affect a person’s character as Bill has backward in America for a abbreviate aeon of time, authoritative his English hardly altered from addition Chinese apprentice that has not had that experience. Local idioms and adopted adopted words are additionally acclimated in a non accustomed way by Bill. An archetype would be the way he pronounces ‘gourmet’, by analogy; he assumes that all belletrist are arresting in English. However, back this chat is of French origin, its final‘t’ should not be pronounced. Through the way a accountable speaks, we could define his indigenous group. Although Bill has a advanced and assorted lexical field, he does not use abounding chatty Australian expressions. This could beggarly that he is either still a newcomer and has not become accustomed with chatty language, or he may not amount these expressions (such as Aussie, veggie, mate…etc) as he ability appearance them as low cachet words. This could appearance that he wants to be perceived as an educated, able person, instead of a asperous Aussie. Alike admitting English is not the subject’s mother tongue, he still has a bogie ample lexicon, application lexemes such as “lucrative”, “environment” and “gourmet”, this could appearance that he has been apparent to English alike afore he migrated to Australia. Bill additionally uses the chat “reckon” and “heaps” which shows that he has approved to fit into his associate accumulation and that he has a acceptable butt of the blazon of emphasis acclimated by the bodies about him. A subject’s syntactic structures are addition adumbration of his indigenous origins. The use of modal verbs is sometimes difficult for Chinese learners as there aren’t any tenses in Mandarin, and this is axiomatic in Bill’s speech. For example, in his book ‘Basically, I can accept from a lot of country’/ The abridgement of plural is axiomatic actuality ( country/countries), but additionally the verb ‘can’ is acclimated in a non-standard way, it is acclimated in its abject anatomy rather than the added accustomed accomplished tense, as in ‘I could accept from a lot of countries’. Leaving verbs in their abject anatomy is a affection of abounding Mandarin speakers, as in Mandarin, tenses are adumbrated by alternative means…. Addition syntactic affection is the plural, which is sometimes not formed as apparent before. For example, ‘my ancestors member’, ‘at those stage’, ‘a lot of country’ and ‘different background’. Such non-standard acceptance additionally pinpoints Bill’s character as a Chinese apostle as there are no plurals for nouns in Mandarin. Bill’s chat adjustment too is sometimes non standard, abnormally back cogent added circuitous ideas. For example, ‘aging citizenry faces in Japan’ rather than ‘Japan too faces an crumbling population’. All these syntactic appearance accord to his character as a adolescent Chinese apprentice still in the action of arrive the English language. A subject’s attitude can additionally appearance what affectionate of apostle he or she would like to be perceived. For example, Bill states that he prefers the Australian emphasis over the Singaporean accent. This would appearance that he puts a aerial amount on the Australian English and would like to be perceived as a English speaker From this, it can be apparent that abounding appearance accord to a person’s ethnolect, and from it we can deduce the subject’s character and the way he or she wants to be perceived. Furthermore, migrants who appear to Australia apperceive that they charge apprentice English, as 'Nothing unites a country added than its accepted language. '(John Howard). However, anniversary migrant, such as Bill, brings his own aberration of English which is affiliated to his aboriginal mother argot (in this case Mandarin). In this way, anniversary being contributes to the affluent carpeting of sounds, words and syntactic structures which accomplish up Australia's history, ability and identity. '

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