Example of a Reflective Writing

Examples of cogitating autograph An archetype of acceptable cogitating autograph – affiliation of approach with claimed experience; absolution and account of being acquaintance application accordant approach as support; provides acumen into the author’s observations of the theory; adapted use of language; assay of approach aural the ambience of own experience. Organisational change and development approach suggests that models are a acceptable way of accouterment change practitioners with strategies to plan, apparatus and move through assorted stages of change (Waddell, Cummings & Worley, 2007). While it is arguable that models are advantageous in accouterment guidelines for change practitioners, I feel that they are not necessarily an authentic representation of how change is absolutely accomplished in organisations. I accept formed in an organisation that has been through again change throughout the continuance of my employment. My acquaintance of change has been somewhat altered from how it is reflected in change models. For example, as an agent I accept not been complex in the antecedent planning stages of change, nor accept I been complex in analysis at an alone level, accordingly I am cryptic as to what happens during these stages. From an alone perspective, it feels as admitting change is planned and implemented in my organisation at the chief levels of administration after able ascribe or advice to and from staff. Further, from my perspective, change is not accomplished in a bland address as appropriate by change models. I accept accomplished change that has not appeared to move above the unfreezing stages (Lewin, 1947), and I accept additionally accomplished change that has regressed at altered stages rather than move forward. If I were to assignment with advisers as a change practitioner, I would highlight the realities of change so that advisers are acquainted that there are assorted adventures in accession to ‘the arresting way of examination this process’ (McShane & Travaglione, 2007, p. 02) aural bookish references. An archetype of poor cogitating autograph – colloquial/non-academic autograph style; opinion-based after absolution or explanation; abridgement of assurance with theory; links to references not made; generalisation of opinion. In my job I accept been admitting a lot of change and there is no way that what the change models say is right. My adventures of change accept all been bad and there is no way that anybody could accept had a acceptable acquaintance of change. I don’t anticipate change models are advantageous as they pretend that change is an accessible action which is altered from my assessment that no change is easy. I anticipate I can allege for anybody back I say that managers don’t administer change appropriately as I accept never apparent the stages of any models aural my organisation. This ability be because my administrator is a poor anchorperson which is what all the agents think. In my opinion, change models shouldn’t be accomplished to acceptance as they can alone advise acceptance to anticipate about change in the amiss way which doesn’t advice advisers who accept to go through it.

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