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OUTLINE I. Introduction * Definition of adolescent adults: Booty responsibilities for their own activity (Newman, B. M & Newman, P. R, 1983) * Adolescent adults should alive with their parents. II. Body 1. Save money * Affected by bread-and-butter crises: Cardinal of adolescence unemployment (Barnes, 2012) * Save the circadian costs ( Vander Zanden, 1997) 2. Close accord amid ancestors associates * Parents: + Abutment affect (Philip, 1998) + Booty affliction of anniversary alternative (Logan & Spitze, 1996) * Siblings: + Share every day routines (Newman, B. M & Newman, P. R, 1983) + Admit anniversary alternative (Newman, B. M & Newman, P. R, 1983) . Abate bad furnishings for claimed development * Evidences: + Unexpected abundance (Philip, 1998) + Less accustomed marriages and assignment lives (Berk, 1998) + Increased abasement (Rosenfeld, 2010) * Role of family: Assurance net (Berk, 1998). 4. Counterargument and refutation: * Counterargument: Adolescent adults will accretion acquaintance back they leave home * Refutation: + Parent’s opinions are bigger than peer’s assessment (Newman, B. M & Newman, P. R, 1983) + Important role of amusing abutment from parents (Philip, 1998) + Free to go out to get acquaintance because of capitalism parents (Turner & Helms, 1989) III. Conclusion Adolescent adults should abide to co-reside with their parents because of the abridgement of advices, banking and affecting abutment from their ancestors (Berk, 1998). Adolescent ancestors comedy an accent role for the approaching bearing in their country. The government consistently gives antecedence to these ancestors including children, adolescents, and adolescent adults. However, adolescent adults accustomed to accept rights to booty responsibilities for their own activity (Newman, B. M & Newman, P. R, 1983) acquire the best for developing the country. Whether aboriginal adults should alive at home with their parents or leave their affectionate home is still controversial. In our opinion, aboriginal adults should co-reside with their parents for several reasons. The aboriginal acumen why aboriginal adults should alive with their ancestors is that they accept an befalling to save money. Bread-and-butter affairs present abounding challenges for adolescent adults because best usually alum from aerial school, they acquisition a abode in academy and alpha a job (Crandell, T. L, Crandell, C. H & Vander Zanden, 2009). Besides, bread-and-butter crises accept led unemployment for “75 million” adolescent bodies amid the ages of 15 to 24 years old (Barnes, 2012). Due to the low starting salaries, abounding adolescent adults attempt to pay their circadian costs (Vander Zanden, 1997). Furthermore, according to Hartley (1993), in Australia, 45% of surveyed bodies said the capital acumen for abiding home in the aboriginal time is banking problems. Secondly, aboriginal adults who do not accomplish a residential alteration accept a afterpiece accord with ancestors associates than those abrogation home do. Beside banking support, accouchement will accept adulation and moral abutment from their parents (Philip, 1998). Parents, moreover, are accommodating to accommodate advice for their accouchement that advice them accomplish bigger choices and decisions. As a result, the accord amid parents and accouchement is added admired than adolescent adults and aeon (Logan & Spitze, 1996). In addition, the ancestors are about the aboriginal associate accumulation in both adolescence and adulthood. Adolescent adults active at home account from administration every day routines ith their ancestors like abutting he meal, agreeable dress or demography affliction of one another, especially, back they are ill (Newman, B. M & Newman, P. R, 1983, p. 231). Furthermore, back adolescent adults cope with problems to accurate themselves with their parents, agents and amusing peers, the ancestors are acceptable to be appointed bodies to admit (Newman, B. M & Newman, P. R, 1983). Thirdly, aboriginal adults active at home will abate bad furnishings on claimed development. Adolescent bodies are acceptable to become egoistic including the allurement of drugs and booze back there is no affectionate supervision. According to Philip (1998), abrogating bread-and-butter and amusing furnishings arch to a abundant cardinal of dangers as “teen-aged motherhood” are the after-effects of abrogation home at actual aboriginal adolescent age (p. 557). In addition, analysis themselves from their net at adolescent age accomplish aboriginal adults adamantine to accomplish in alliance and assignment (White as cited in Berk, 1998). Nevertheless, adolescent adults assume that the ambition of abrogation home is to accept an absolute life, which makes them calmly afraid and depressed (Olds & Schwartz as cited in Rosenfeld, 2010). Bruch et al. Cheek & Busch (as cited in Berk, 1998) said that “socially afraid bodies abode added loneliness” (p. 461). Therefore, the ancestors is the best abode to absolution accent and abatement amusing dangers for aboriginal adults because “the affectionate home serves as a assurance net and abject of operation for ablution developed life” (Berk, 1998, p. 463). The opponents of co-residence with parents say that adolescent adults will get acquaintance back abrogation home. However, accepting acquaintance does not depend on who they alive with and adolescent adults can get admired adventures while active with their parents. In fact, peer’s advices are not consistently as reliable and able as parents’ in some cases (Newman, B. M & Newman, P. R, 1983). Moreover, the call of amusing abutment from their parents for the ability of adolescent adults was the cessation of a abstraction of 175 18 and 19-year-old academy acceptance (Philip, 1998). According to Turner and Helms (1989), 83% of the adolescents accept “democratic parents” (p. 288) because they still accept the abandon to participate in amusing activities and do part-time jobs to augment ability back active at home. Additionally, they additionally can advice their parents with domiciliary chores, which anchorage the bearing gap and helps them apprentice capital abilities for an absolute activity later. In conclusion, due to the accepted bread-and-butter crises and affecting changes in society, abnormally the access of amusing dangers, adolescent adults should alive in their affectionate home to abstain adverse influences on themselves and their ancestors as well. By contrast, adolescent adults who adjudge to leave home at an aboriginal age may face difficulties for a continued time because of the abridgement of advices, banking and affecting abutment from their parents (Berk, 1998). Words: 769 REFERENCES Barnes, H. (2012). Global Adolescence unemployment: Making faculty of the numbers. BBC News. Retrieved from http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/business-19745115. Berk, L. E. (1998). Development through the lifep. The USA: A Viacom Company. Crandell, T. L. , Crandell, C. H. , Vander Zanden, J. W. (2009). Human Development. (9th ed. ). New York: The McGraw-Hill Company. F. Philip Rice. (1998). Human Development. (3rd ed. ). The USA: A Viacom company. Hartley, R. (1993). Adolescent Adults active at home. Australian Institute of Ancestors Studies. Reproduced from FAMILY MATTERS no. 36 December 1993, pp. 35-37. Retrieved from http://www. ifs. gov. au/institute/pubs/fm1/fm36rh1. html. Logan, J. R. , Spitze, G. D. (1996). Ancestors Ties: Enduring Relations amid Parents and Their Grown Children. The USA: Temple University. Newman, B. M. , Newman, P. R. (1983). Understanding Adulthood. The USA: CBS Academy Publishing. Rosenfeld, M. J. (2010). The Independence of Adolescent Adults, in Historical Perspective. Journal of Ancestors Therapy Magazine, 9 (3), 17-19. Turner, J. F. , Helms, D. B. (1989). Contemporary Adulthood. (4th, ed. )The USA: Saunders Academy Publishing Vander Zanden, J. W. (1997). Human Development. (6th ed. ). The USA: The McGraw-Hill Company. .

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