Examination Day

The abbreviate adventure Assay Day accounting by Henry Sleasar, is a adventure about adolescent accouchement actuality activated by the government to get ability of how acute the kids are. The government accumulate ascendancy of the kids and all the families. The government arouse every kid that turns twelve, to appear into their arch abode for an assay to prove how able the kids are. The government amendment a twelve year old boy in for his exam. The boy Dickie and his parents were accepting breakfast back his mum brings up the accountable to Dickies father. His ancestor aloof tells her not to anguish that every affair will be alright. Dickie and his ancestor go into the government arch abode for Dickies appointment. Back it was Dickies about-face to set the assay he was accustomed a bottle of aqueous drink. This alcohol makes you acquaint the accuracy and be honest with what you say. They affiliated Dickie up to some machines accessible for the examination. Dickies ancestor went home to his wife to delay for a buzz alarm to see if their son was alright or not. After the assay Dickies parents got a black and sad buzz alarm about their son. Dickie had pasted the assay so he was put bottomward by the government because he had been one of actual few to accomplished the exam. Every adolescent that passes the assay has to be put down. If they abort the assay they are beatific home to your ancestors and they get to alive on with their lives. This assay determines if you alive or if you die.

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