Exam 1 human resource management

1. According to the appropriate to privacy, administration can burrow the attributes of the job afore hiring an employee. 2. The abstraction of "human adeptness management" implies that advisers are interchangeable, calmly replaced assets that charge be managed like any another concrete asset. 3.  Currently, no federal laws outline how to use agent databases in adjustment to assure employees' aloofness while additionally affair employers' and society's apropos for security. 4.  The role of an HR generalist is bound to application and selection. 5. Which of the afterward is NOT a all-important affection of animal resources? A. Animal assets are valuable. B. Animal assets are not imitable. C. Animal assets are calmly retainable. D. Animal assets accept no acceptable substitute. 6. Why has the job trend confused to broadly authentic jobs? A. Emphasis on addition and quality B. Demand for low accomplished workers C. Increased focus on simplifying jobs D. Lack of competition 7.  Job architecture is: A.  the activity of defining the way assignment will be performed and the tasks that a accustomed job requires. B. the activity of accepting abundant advice about jobs. C.  the activity by which the alignment attempts to analyze acceptable employees. D.  the planned accomplishment to accredit advisers to apprentice job-related knowledge, skills, and behavior. 8. Organizational development and change are areas area HR professionals about comedy alone a acknowledging role. 9. As a blazon of resource, animal basal refers to: A. the wages, benefits, and another costs incurred in abutment of HR functions aural an organization. B.  controlling aptitude aural an organization. C. the tax-deferred bulk of an employee's 401(k) plan. D. agent characteristics that add bread-and-butter bulk to the organization. 10. According to the Gallup survey, which aspect of their jobs is best workers abundantly annoyed with? A.  Health allowance benefits B.  Retirement plans C.  Relations with coworkers D.  Bulk of money earned 11.  The Bureau of Activity Statistics estimates that about one-tenth of active individuals assignment in another application arrangements. 12. The U. S. workforce is predicted to become added assorted in agreement of ethnicity and ancestral background. 13.  An HRIS can be acclimated to accomplish primarily all of the afterward EXCEPT: | A.support cardinal decision-making. B.  abstain litigation. C. appraise programs and policies. D. actuate employees. 14. Back an alignment undertakes a complete assay of its analytical assignment processes to accomplish them added able and to be able to bear college quality, it is agreeable in: A. outsourcing. B. high-performance assignment arrangement design. C.  absolute affection management. D.  reengineering. 15. What aftereffect has the use of agent empowerment had aloft recruiting? | A. It has created an all-embracing activity market. B. It has essentially added application opportunities for women and minorities. C.  It has confused the focus abroad from abstruse abilities to accepted cerebral and interpersonal skills. D. It has decidedly bargain recruiting costs. 16. How does e-HRM affect the assay and architecture of work? A. Online simulations, including tests and e-mail, can admeasurement job candidates' adeptness to accord with real-life business challenges. B.  Advisers can assay bacon and account advice and seek advice about and accept in account plans. C. Advisers in geographically broadcast locations can assignment calm in basal teams application video, e-mail, and the Internet. D. Online acquirements can accompany training to advisers anywhere, anytime. 17. Privacy, as an important affair in e-HRM, ability best be addressed by which one of the afterward technologies? A. A website B. An intranet C.  A high-performance assignment system D. A aggregate account center 18. Back two companies accompany armament and become one entity, it is termed a: A. partnership. B. consolidation. C. merger. D. collective venture. 19.  Independent contractors are: A.  bodies who assignment for an alignment alone back they are needed. B.  self-employed individuals with assorted clients. C. active by a acting agency. D. active anon by a aggregation for a specific time. 20. Which one of the afterward technologies lets a aggregation hire amplitude on a alien computer arrangement and use the system's software to administer its HR activities, including aegis and upgrades? A. Application account providers B. Internet portals C. Aggregate account centers D.  Business intelligence 21. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 applies to all organizations that apply 20 or added bodies alive 20 or added weeks a year and that are complex in artery commerce. 22.  The Civil Rights Act of 1991: A.  banned accident claims to absent allowances and attorney's fees and costs. B.  requires violators to pay castigating amercement that awning affecting affliction and suffering. C. requires violators to pay compensatory damages, an bulk above absolute loss. D. banned the best castigating amercement allowed, depending on the admeasurement of the organization. 23. The EEOC is NOT the administration bureau for the: A. Age Bigotry in Application Act of 1967. B.  Rehabilitation Act of 1973. C. Equal Pay Act of 1963. D. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. 24. Which legislative/regulatory accomplishments are beneath the absolute ascendancy of the President? A.  Constitutional amendments B.  Judicial decisions C. Legislation D. Controlling orders 25. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits administration from acute adjoin individuals based on all of the afterward EXCEPT: A. age. B. race. C.  religion. D.  civic origin. 26. Beneath the disparate impact, the plaintiff charge prove that the employer advised to discriminate. 27.  Which of the afterward cases would best acceptable be accountable to a accusation filed beneath the disparate assay approach of discrimination? A. A accumulation of females is laid off due to a abatement in business. B. Atramentous applicants are actuality disproportionately alone on the base of a cerebral test. C. A atramentous appellant is angry bottomward for a job based on autography analysis. D. A woman with school-aged accouchement is alone on the acceptance that she will frequently be absent from work. 28.  An alone adulatory to book a complaint with the EEOC or a agnate accompaniment bureau charge book the complaint aural _____ canicule of the incident. A. | 30| B. | 60|  C. | 90| D. | 180| 29. The three basal apparatus of an acknowledging activity plan accommodate all of the afterward EXCEPT: A. appliance analysis. B.  altitude tools. C.  goals and timetables. D. activity steps. 30.  Back an alone is promised a absolute aftereffect for acquiescence to sex, or threatened with a abrogating aftereffect for abortion to abide to sex, this is referred to as: A. disparate treatment. B. disparate impact. C. about-face discrimination. D.  quid pro quo harassment.

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