Evidence Based Paper


•        When selecting a analytic issue (the analytic affair called is Hand washing) to be addressed in the assignment, the apprentice is accepted to draw from one of the four capital categories of the NCLEX‐RN assay blueprint: affirmation of a safe and able affliction environment, bloom advance and aliment of health, the canning of the patient’s psychosocial and physiological integrity.

•        Length of cardboard 8‐10 pages excluding the appellation folio and the advertence page.

•        The sources cited both in argument and on the advertence folio for this appointment will be formatted according APA 6th copy guidelines.

•        A minimum of six (6) peer‐reviewed bookish sources are adapted in abutment of the Evidence‐based Capstone Evidence‐based Paper.

•        This appointment will be graded application the Capstone Evidence‐ based Cardboard Rubric accessible in Unit 6 of the course.


The apprentice will be adapted to:

•        Produce an 8‐10 folio evidence‐based cardboard acclamation a cogent analytic issue

•        Identify and analyze a band-aid to a analytic issue

•        Gather added accomplishments advice on:

o   the analytic issue

o   the accommodating population

•        Develop a plan that could be agitated out by a assistant to boldness the analytic issue.

•        Reflect on the ability and acquaintance acquired in the nursing program

•        Draw from one of the four capital categories of the NCLEX‐RN assay blueprint

o   assurance of a safe and able affliction environment,

o   health advance and aliment of health,

o   preservation of the patient’s psychosocial

o   preservation of the patient’s physiological integrity

•        With the barring of the Introduction, anniversary archetype listed beneath will serve as the above headings of this appointment due in Unit Six and will accommodate the following:

•        Title Page: (APA 6th edition formatting)

•        Introduction:

o   Offers a abundant description of the account of purpose for the paper.

o   Identifies a analytic affair or botheration fatigued from one of the four capital categories of the NCLEX‐RN assay blueprint:

§  Assurance of a safe and able affliction environment

§  Health advance and aliment of health

§  Preservation of the accommodating population’s psychosocial integrity

§  Preservation of the accommodating citizenry ’s physiological integrity

•        In this cardboard the apprentice will accommodate a abundant description of the accord amid the class from the NCLEX‐RN assay adapt and the analytic issue.

•        The advertence to the NCLEX‐RN assay adapt begin at the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website constitutes one bookish reference.

•        Importance: The apprentice will call the accent of the analytic affair to the bloom of a accommodating population. This altercation will accommodate the abeyant abrogating aftereffect of abrogation the analytic affair unresolved.


•        Patient Population: The apprentice will call the accommodating citizenry that is impacted by the analytic issue. With a focus on the assortment of the animal action begin aural this accommodating population, the apprentice will call the access that cultural ethics may accept on the proposed solution.

•        Proposed Solution: The apprentice will set the date for proposing the best band-aid to the analytic botheration by application adapted evidence‐based abstracts and amalgam abstracts from peer‐reviewed account articles. In this paper, the apprentice will:

o   Propose a bright band-aid to the analytic botheration that is accurate by a minimum of three scholarly, peer‐reviewed account articles.

o   Expand on the ethical considerations back developing the plan.

•        Goals: While the action will not absolutely be agitated out, the apprentice will altercate the plan that could be implemented by a assistant to abode the analytic issue. One short‐term and one long‐term ambition of the action will be identified. The apprentice will accommodate a description of how accomplishment of anniversary of the goals would be measured.

•        Barriers: The apprentice will analyze a minimum of two abeyant barriers to the success of the plan as able-bodied as a action for acclamation anniversary one.

•        Benefits: The apprentice will call a minimum of one account to the accommodating citizenry and one account to the nursing profession that will aftereffect from accustomed out the plan. Provides a minimum of one scholarly, peerreviewed source in abutment of the account of the plan to the accommodating population.

•        Participants and Interdisciplinary Approach: The apprentice will analyze all of the parties whose accord is important for the success of implementing the plan.

o   This account will accommodate a minimum of two associates of disciplines alfresco of nursing.

o   A description of the account of including anniversary affiliate from addition conduct to the success of the plan.

o   A minimum of one scholarly, peer‐reviewed antecedent accouterment abutment for the success of the plan by including the healthcare aggregation affiliate alfresco of nursing.

•        Conclusion:

o   Provides a absolute epitomize of the purpose of the plan to anticipate or advice to boldness the analytic issue.

o   Includes a complete account anecdotic why acclamation this analytic botheration affairs and to whom.

o   Reference Page: (APA 6th edition formatting)

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