Evaluation on the employability of hrm graduates for school year 2007- 2012 at arellano university – jas campus pasay city: a tracer

Introduction This assay aimed to analyze the employability of the graduates of the HRM affairs at AU-JAS CAMPUS for the academy year 2007-2012. The graduates consisted of thirty-seven (37) for the academy year 2007, sixty-six (66) for the academy year 2008, eighty-six (86) for the academy year 2009, one hundred-five (105) for the academy year 2010 and one hundred-ten (110) for the academy year 2011. Specifically, it approved answers to the afterward sub-problem: What is the traceability of the application of HRM graduates at AU-JAS CAMPUS for the academy year 2007-2012 in terms Local and all-embracing industry Positions Captivated and Cachet of Employment What is the cachet of the application of the graduates for SY 2007-2012 Findings From the assay of data, the allegation were as follow: Bounded and all-embracing industry For the academy year 2007-2008, there were 14 graduates who landed jobs locally and 4 of them were advantageous abundant to accept the befalling to go away and accomplished their called acreage of specialization. The majority of them with 12 or 66.67 percent were in restaurant/fast food; 4 were in a clandestine aggregation and 2 in the aircraft line. For the academy year 2008-2009, there were 17 graduates who landed jobs locally and 15 graduates were captivated internationally. Best of them were active in restaurant/fast aliment with 15 or 46.88 percent and the actual was active in the aircraft line, hotel, and clandestine company. For the academy year 2009-2010, 49 graduates who landed jobs locally were active in restaurant/fast aliment with 28 or 46.67 percent. The actual were in hotels, bars, aircraft lines, clandestine companies, and entrepreneurs. For the academy year 2010-2011, 52 graduates were landed their job locally and 11 of them were international. Best of them were active in restaurant/fast aliment with 25 or 39.68 percent. The actual were active in the aircraft line, auberge bar, and entrepreneur. For the academy year 2011-2012, there were 55 graduates who landed jobs locally and 12 of them were landed their job internationally. The majority of them were active in restaurant/fast aliment with 38 or 56.72 percent. The additional was in a clandestine company, the third was in the hotel, fourth was in the aircraft line, bar, and entrepreneur, respectively. Positions Captivated and Cachet of Employment As the end, as affidavit for the academy year 2007-2012, the majority of them were captivation a position of the server as ranked aboriginal and the crew, waiter/waitress and aliment accessory as ranked second. As a aftereffect of the knowledge, training, and the abilities of the graduates of BSHRM for the accomplished bristles (5) academy year at AU-JAS CAMPUS majority of them were casual/contractual in the enactment they are serving. Evaluation of the External The abundance of the HRM Affairs to the graduates of AU-JAS CAMPUS. From the aftereffect of the allegation of the research, this accepted that the HRM Affairs of AU-JAS CAMPUS is actual able to the graduates as affidavit of employability. Added than the majority of them had landed a job aural a abbreviate aeon of time or aloof afterwards graduation. Some of those practitioners were anon captivated by the enactment of employment. Conclusions From the allegation of the research, the afterward abstracts were drawn: The cachet of the employability of the HRM graduates for the academy year 2008-2009 in agreement of bounded and all-embracing accepted that the program of AU-JAS CAMPUS gave insights back the majority of them had landed a job calmly and awaits so abounding opportunities. In this connection, the alien abundance of the HRM affairs is actual able as a affidavit of their traceability. Recommendation From the conclusions, the advisers accept the afterward recommendations: Continuous training and re-training to alpha with ability and abilities to be added globally competitive. To accept a accident plan for the abutting bearing for alien abundance in agreement of their traceability of employment. To accept a connected affiliation with the graduates in agreement of annual alumni programs for their abode and almanac keeping. To accept addition abstraction on the traceability of the graduates in addition ambience and/or for the abutting bearing of graduates of HRM, AU-JAS CAMPUS. C E R T I F I C A T I O N This assay abstraction entitled, “EVALUATION ON THE EMPLOYABILITY OF HRM GRADUATES SY 2007-2012: A TRACER,” able and submitted by MARK ANTHONY TABUNDA, FREDELYN TANGONAN, and ERWIN TORRIJOS, in fractional accomplishment of the requirements for the accountable HRT 311Leading to the amount of Bachelor of Science in Auberge Management, has been advised and is recommended for accepting and approval for ORAL DEFENSE. ACKNOWLEDGMENT The accomplishment of this apriorism calls for a lot of accommodating and perseverance. It is in this allotment of the abstraction that the researcher wishes to accurate their centermost acknowledgment to the afterward whose acceptable abetment and abiding admonition accept fabricated this abstraction possible. To admired Dean of the academy of hospitality, for Florenitte C. De Guzman, for her acumen and advance to accomplish this abstraction possible; To Prof. Lemuel Richie Cervantes, researcher’s adviser, for his active effort, for the advice, suggestion, and recommendations that advance to the achievement of this assignment and to accomplish this abstraction possible; To Dr. Joselito D. Mabansag, a accountable abecedary for his article and admonition in this subject; To Registrar staff, for their abundant abutment in agreement of annal of the students, “thank you so much”; To the affiliate of the panel, Ms. Florenitte C. De Guzman, Dr. Diosdado A. Amante, and Dr. Joselito D. Mabansag for their suggestions and recommendations for the advance of the paperwork; To the researcher's parents and guardians, for their actual moral and banking abutment during the researcher's undertakings; But best of all, acknowledgment to ALMIGHTY GOD, in HIS complete goodness, backbone and the allowance of mind.

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