Evaluation of Skills: Client System Role-Play Reflection and Analysis Paper

  After planning the calligraphy and videotaping the role-play scenario, how did it feel to airing in the shoes of a amusing worker? What insights did you accretion from the experience? What aspects of this acquaintance were arduous for you? Being able to admit the areas area you were acknowledged and the areas area you charge advance are what accomplish role-plays an important allotment of your amusing assignment education. For the accounting articulation of your Final Project, reflect on your acquaintance in developing this role-play video. Accede any insights you acquired from the experience, as able-bodied as the challenges you ability accept accomplished in its planning and execution. Think about the specific amusing assignment techniques you acclimated and why you acclimated them. Finally, analysis the videos your colleagues posted. Select one of those videos and accede any areas in which your aide ability advance their access and why. By Day 7 Submit a 4- to 5-page paper. In your paper, abode the following: Reflect on your acquaintance in accomplishing the role-play video. Describe insights you acquired from the acquaintance and explain how these insights affect your access to practice. Describe the challenges you accomplished in planning and active the role-play book and explain how you overcame them. Focus on insights and challenges accompanying to demonstrating abilities and agreeable as a able amusing worker, not on abstruse aspects of role-playing or recording the scene. Describe the specific assurance techniques/skills you acclimated and assay why you acclimated them. Describe the colleague’s role-play video you selected. Assess what your aide did able-bodied in the video you called and acclaim areas for advance in your colleague’s approach.

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