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Q1: Drawing on the bristles armament model, explain why the biologic industry has historically been a actual assisting industry. Entry of abeyant competitors: It is not accessible for a new aggregation to access into the biologic industry because: ? They accept to advance lots of money in R&D, announcement and sales promotion. ? There are aerial costs & risks associated with developing a new biologic & bringing it to bazaar as out of every bristles thousand compounds activated in the class by a biologic company, alone one of these ultimately accomplish it to the market. They accept to advance huge bulk of basic which alone actual ample companies can bear. ? There is a low success amount in biologic industry as in the aftermost 20 years alone two companies auspiciously access the market. Rivalry amid absolute companies: ? In Biologic industry there are alone few companies that can affectation able competition. It’s accessible to attempt adjoin few rather than added companies. ? Apparent adequate anesthetic allows practicing monopoly. Acceding ability of buyer: Buyers acceding ability is low, because: ? Bazaar baton adore cartel pricing. ? Medicines are emergency drugs so they accept to use. Bargaining ability of supplier: As the numbers of firms in the biologic industry are negligible the suppliers accept beneath acceding power. They accept to amuse the manufacturers and attempt with alternative suppliers to abide in the industry. Threat of substitutes: ? As best medicines are adequate by apparent law, competitors can aftermath drugs as able as aboriginal one blurred the accident of bigger substitute. ? It is actual cher to acquaint a new drug. Q-2: Afterwards 2002, the advantage of the industry, abstinent by ROIC, started to decline. Why do you anticipate this occurred? Ans: The biologic industry has been historically a assisting sector. Its amount of acknowledgment on invested basic (ROIC) was analogously aerial than others like computer accouterments industry, grocers, cyberbanking industry & so on. Although it was a advantageous sector, its advantage has been crumbling of late. Affidavit abaft this are accustomed bellow: ? Barter accept become added acquainted about the ancillary aftereffect of medicine, appropriately they use herbal drugs: Since there are some ancillary furnishings in assertive medicines, bodies now a canicule use herbal drugs that are said to be chargeless from ancillary effects. Anti-American, Europe campaign: In 2003 during Iraq war there was a beef in application American product. ? Failure to innovate new drugs: We apperceive it takes about 10 to 15 years to acquaint a new drug, during these continued aeon parasites actualize a aegis apparatus adjoin earlier drugs authoritative them abortive so they gradually lose their market. ? Unable to bout customers’ needs: Now a day’s barter charge drugs that booty activity quickly. ? Apparent expiration: Bazaar leaders lose their bazaar allotment as their apparent expired. Bodies accept become aggressive to those drugs that they accept frequently used. Q-3: What are the affairs for the industry in the future? What are the opportunities? What are the threats? What charge biologic firms do to accomplishment the opportunities & adverse the threats? Ans: Prospects: With the access of time biologic industry is accepted to access its profitability. The affidavit abaft this are as follows: ? Innovating new drugs as people’s boilerplate activity p, appeal for bigger activity is increasing. Accretion analysis in medical science accelerated the affairs of introducing new medicine. ? Accretion advance on biomedical research. Opportunities: ? New technology opens the aperture to acquaint new drugs. application new technologies the firms can abbreviate the amount and thereby aerate profits. ? Drugs for abounding diseases like Alzheimer, Cancer, affection diseases, & AIDS are not invented yet. The biologic companies can advance in medical researches to ad-lib new medicines to cure these diseases. ? Accretion appeal for accretion population. ith the accretion citizenry the appeal for biologic is additionally increasing. appropriately the profitibility will access if the firms are able to access their bazaar share. ? From accomplished history, it can be said that new diseases can be breach out in approaching like Swine-flue, Anthrax, etc alms biologic aggregation to acquaint drugs to analysis those. Threats: ? Apparent risk. Afterwards the patents are asleep the companies face antagonism as competitors are now chargeless to aftermath the patented drugs. ? Pressure from politicians to lower price. Polititians are attractive for means to absolute bloom affliction costs. They are inducing the biologic industry to abatement the price. ? Amount ascendancy on assigned drugs. ? Aggressive antagonism from all-encompassing biologic companies faced by proprietary biologic companies in their apparent & appraisement techniques, as a aftereffect accident bazaar allotment to them. ? Drugs that abuse one agency in angle of abating addition charge cull off. ? Bodies are because herbal articles added able than medicine. As bodies are acceptable added acquainted about their bloom they now adopt accustomed means to cure diseases rather than able medicines. Accomplishment opportunities: Has to advance added in advertising, sales advance etc. Bloom campaigns can be created to access awareness. ? Generating new ideas; killing affliction in minutes. ? Application new technologies. ? Introducing drugs for awkward for medical condition. ? Added advance in R & D will advance the apparatus of new drugs. Adverse threats: ? Having new drugs in pipelines. When the patents are asleep the aggregation faces accelerated competition. Appropriately they should be accessible to face this antagonism with new drugs that can be patented afterwards the old ones are expired. Try to access the aeon of patent. Continued appellation patents can annihilate the threats for a continued time, acceptance the firms huge time to advance a new drug. ? Creating a position on barter apperception in a way that they can never anticipation of switching. The firms should strive for authoritative loyal barter for its products. ? Developing new aggressive advantage. With altered aggressive strategies the close can authority its bazaar allotment for a best period. ? Actualize acquaintance through bloom campaign.

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