Evaluate This Case Using the Three Elements

MGMT 325 “Will Technology Save the Publishing Industry” pg 104. September 16, 2012 Case Study Questions 1. Evaluate the appulse of the Internet on bi-weekly and book publishers application the amount alternation and aggressive armament models. The publishing industry has been hit adamantine by new bazaar entrants and acting articles and services. Newspapers are the best afflicted articulation of the publishing industry because of the availability of alternatives and publishers’ disability to assure their content. Acceptable book newspapers can’t bout the affluence of use and adjacency of online papers. It’s additionally abundant added big-ticket to book and administer acceptable newspapers abacus to publishers’ aerial costs. Many of the acceptable newspapers’ primary activities are big-ticket while those activities don’t necessarily abide for online newspapers; accepting paper, advancement columnist press equipment, distributing book papers, acquisition old papers, accession fees, etc. Online account sites don’t accept any of those costs or processes to accord with. Acceptable book publishers are adverse agnate situations from acting articles and casework and new bazaar entrants. Many brick-and-mortar bookstores accept bankrupt for two capital reasons: online sales and new cyberbanking downloads to e-readers and smartphones. As with newspapers, online book sellers and e-books don’t accept all the aerial costs of acceptable book food and publishers nor all the processes to get articles to customers. 2. How are newspapers and book publishers alteration their business models to accord with the Internet and e-book technology? Online newspapers are advancing added online announcement dollars and partnering with Google and Yahoo to allotment acquirement from advertising. Some account sites allegation fees for bi-weekly agreeable delivered to new account devices. Another advantage is for account sites to allegation fees for “premium” account and opinion. Because announcement charcoal a above antecedent of revenue, the newspapers charge abound their online acquirement fast abundant to account their losses from book advertising. Internet announcement ranks added alone to television for ad spending. E-books accept become a new approach for book agreeable distribution. Sales are skyrocketing acknowledgment to the acceptance of Amazon’s Kindle e-book clairvoyant and the iPad. Publishing companies accept amorphous advance added assets in the Kindle and iPad as commitment platforms for their books and beneath money in acceptable commitment platforms like book account and apprenticed books. Textbook publishers are alive on iPad versions of their offerings; newspapers accept apps out for the iPad and action Kindle subscriptions to readers; and above publishers are application with software companies to catechumen absolute files to e-reader accordant products. 3. How can bi-weekly and book publishers booty bigger advantage of the Internet? What will it booty for them to account from e-books? Explain your answer. Book publishers are on the appropriate clue by advance added assets in the Kindle and iPad as commitment platforms for their books and beneath money in acceptable commitment platforms like book account and apprenticed books. Apple appear in February 2011 that it would accept a 30 percent fee for anniversary auction of agenda agreeable awash through its App Store. Apple additionally banned app developers from agreement links to alien Web sites aural their apps, finer preventing these developers from allegorical their app users to artefact offerings that would not be accountable to Apple’s fees. Apple additionally affairs to anticipate publishers and alternative agreeable providers from accepting abstracts about their iPad barter unless barter accord permission beforehand. Publishing companies accept agilely objected, arguing that they charge this advice to auspiciously bazaar and acquaint their products. Apple says the aphorism protects the aloofness of iPad owners. While Apple’s behavior may assure iPad buyer privacy, they additionally assignment adjoin publishers who charge abstracts and advice about articles to finer abide developing articles barter want. Apple’s behavior additionally put too abundant ability in one company’s easily and prohibit the chargeless breeze of products, data, and information. Google, on the alternative hand, hopes to action a added “open” archetypal that allows readers to admission books application any Web browser. Its advantage is that it is not angry bottomward to any alone device. That gives an advantage to readers and to publishers who can admission abstracts and advice and accept the exchange better. The archetypal additionally gives Google a abundant beyond ability in the marketplace. And, instead of aloof e-reader users, Google’s ambition admirers will be the 190 actor account Internet users in the United States. 4. Will technology be able to save the bi-weekly and book publishing industries? Explain your answer. Technology does authority the achievability of extenuative bi-weekly and book publishing industries, but alone if those industries abide to change and adapt their business models. Newspapers charge abide to move abroad from book and added against online content, alteration the way they accommodate barter with information. They cannot abide to await on old methods acquisitive online agreeable will go away. The aforementioned can be said in commendations to book publishers. They charge abide to advance their products, demography advantage of the cost-savings that comes with agenda versions of their books. They charge abide to burden those companies who appetite to ascendancy the “channel” like Apple and assert on actuality a axial allotment of how agreeable is delivered and at what price. Publishers can and should action promotional items and contest in e-books and account sites that are not accessible in book versions, including alternate items like coupons, contests, and admission to added content. References Burrell, I. (n. d. ). Can Apple save the bi-weekly industry? - Technology & Gadgets, Life & Style - Belfasttelegraph. co. uk. Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, World, News, Business, Entertainment , BelfastTelegraph. co. uk. Retrieved September 16, 2012, from http://www. belfasttelegraph. co. uk/lifestyle/technology-gadgets/can-apple-save-the-newspaper-industry-14648806. html Kibee, J. (n. d. ). THE WORLD WIDE WEB AS AN INFORMATION RESOURCE:. welcome. html. Retrieved September 16, 2012, from http://web. simmons. edu/~chen/nit/NIT'96/96-151-Kibbee. tml Larson, C. (n. d. ). Online Book Publisher: Advantages of Online Publishing . internet . Retrieved September 16, 2012, from http://internet. ezinemark. com/online-book-publisher-advantages-of-online-publishing-7d35fbe9e846. html Laudon, K. C. (2013). Essentials of administration advice systems (Global ed of 10th rev. ed. ). Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd.. Turning the Page The Future of eBooks. (n. d. ). http://www. pwc. com. Retrieved September 16, 2012, from www. pwc. com/en_GX/gx/entertainment-media/pdf/eBooks-Trends-Developments. pdf

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