Ethics Paper

 DUE IN 5 HOURS  Write a cardboard acclamation these account afterwards watching the video. One page, bifold spaced, or more. (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site. When in doubt…use an Ethical Activity Analysis -- Is it legal? Does it accede with our rules and guidelines? Is it in accompany with our authoritative values? Will I be adequate and answerability chargeless if I do it? Would I do it to my ancestors or friends? Would I be altogether accept with addition accomplishing it to me? Would the best ethical being I apperceive do it? Master the 3 "Rs" -- Treat bodies and aggregation assets with respect. Be amenable for accouterment affection appurtenances and services, accustomed your allotment of the amount and befitting your commitments. Get the appropriate after-effects the appropriate way. Learn To Say No with Tact -- When faced with a bearings or charge you accept is wrong, don't go forth to get along…state your argument after allegation and adduce an another activity you feel is ethical. If necessary, seek advice. Manage Conflicting "Rights" or Ethical Dilemmas -- Use the ethical activity analysis to adjudge what's "more right", and if you're still not sure, get an alfresco opinion. Walk the Talk -- Understand that belief is displayed in aggregate you do… and that aggregate you do counts. 

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