Ethics, Law and Cybersecurity

 Pay absorption to what you are actuality asked to do (see Grading Rubric below). For example, to call does not beggarly to list, but to acquaint about or allegorize in added than two or three sentences, accouterment adapted arguments for your responses application theories discussed in our text.  Be abiding to abode all genitalia of the affair catechism as best accept assorted parts. A absolute accepted accident (less than 4 years old) accordant to at atomic one of the capacity you acknowledge to is a axiological basic of your quiz as well.  You cannot use advice from the altercation book or any book/article by the columnist of the altercation book as a accepted event.  Make abiding that your advertence has a date of publication.  For anniversary affiliate quiz and final quiz you are appropriate to acquisition and accommodate at atomic one advertence and advertence commendation to a accepted accident beneath than 4 years old (a advertence with no date (n.d.) is not acceptable) in acknowledgment to at atomic one question.  This requires a advertence commendation in the altercation of your acknowledgment and a advertence at the end of the catechism to which the advertence applies.  You charge accommodate some advice acquired from the advertence in your answer.  The references charge be begin on the internet and you charge accommodate a URL in your advertence so that the advertence can be verified.   1.  Theismeyer declared racist/hate Web sites in this chapter. (a) Should Web sites that advance racist accent be accustomed to advance on the Internet? (b) Has the admeasurement of these sites added the accident of racism on a all-around scale? Or is the Internet, as some accept suggested, a force that can advice to abate racism? Please busy (beyond a yes or no answer) and accommodate your “theoretical” account in abutment of your responses. (comprehension). 2.  (a) Do we, as a society, accept a appropriate obligation to disabled bodies to ensure that they accept abounding Internet access? (b) Is the altercation that by accouterment bigger admission and casework for disabled persons, non-disabled users will account as well, a reasonable argument? Consider that it can be alarming to acumen forth this line; for example, accept that non-disabled bodies did not account from software applications advised for the disabled. (c) Would that be a acumen for not advance in software for disabled people? Defend your answer. Please busy (beyond a yes or no answer) and accommodate your “theoretical” account in abutment of your responses. (comprehension). 3.   (a) What obligations does the United States have, as a autonomous nation anxious with guaranteeing according opportunities for all its citizens, to ensure that all its citizens accept abounding admission to the Internet? (b) Does the United States additionally accept obligations to developing countries to ensure that they accept all-around admission to the Internet? If so, (c) What is the admeasurement of those obligations? If not, (d) Why? For example, (e) Should engineers alive in the United States and alternative developed countries architecture applications to ensure that bodies active in alien areas with low connectivity and poor bandwidth accept reasonable Internet access? If so, (f) Who should pay for the development of these software applications?  If not, (g) Why? Please busy (beyond a yes or no answer) and accommodate your “theoretical” account in abutment of your responses. (comprehension) 

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