Ethics in Leadership(Mother Teresa)

 For the advance project, you will appraise the ethical attributes of administration by belief a accepted or absolute leader. Choose a acclaimed baton with readily accessible advice (e.g., columnist releases, authoritative websites, appear biographies, etc.) that you can research. Consult with your adviser aboriginal in the anniversary if you charge assistance.     For the Week paper, adapt a biographical addition of your called baton that summarizes: Paragraphs 1-2 : who the baton is, what era the baton came from, what alignment the baton is or was affiliated with, why this baton is aces of study, the specific administration theory/style this baton used, citation specific examples and analysis to abutment your assessment.  Paragraphs 3-4: Next, analyze this baton in agreement of moral intelligence and believability as a leader, citation affirmation to abutment your perspectives. Specifically, this area should appraise any gaps amid consort ethics and absolute behaviors.  Paragraphs 5-6: Next, analyze the alignment of the leader’s ethics and behaviors with the authoritative ethics bidding in vision, mission, and amount statements of the alignment best carefully affiliated with the leader, as able-bodied as any alternative indicators of authoritative culture.] Paragraphs 7-8: Finally, synthesize a claimed absorption of “lessons learned” that includes at atomic two key booty aways that you can administer to your own administration practice. Submission Details: Submit your answers in a 3page Microsoft Word document.

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