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View Problem Book A to apprentice added about the accord amid Joe, the salesman for UWEAR, and Bill, the customer. This book provides key advice in allowance codify answers for assignments this week.  In this Discussion Board, you will conduct a agitation apropos the ethical attributes of Bill and Joe’s relationship. Apply abstracts from Beyond the Book, the M.U.S.E., intellipath, and absolute analysis to abutment your view. Make the acumen for your position clear.  If your aftermost name begins with A–J, altercate that the attributes of their accord is an ethical breach. If your aftermost name begins with K–Z, altercate that the attributes of their accord is not an ethical breach. Consider the following: Does Joe’s accord with Bill accommodated the analogue of a battle of interest? Are Bill’s ability a anatomy of bribery?  Which ethical approach supports your view? Why? What alternative ethical issues ability be associated with the accord amid Bill and Joe? 400-600 words APA style

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