1 PAGE IN 16 HOUR!!! As  opposed to Consequentialist theories of belief (Mill), Deontological  (from the Greek acceptation assignment or obligation) belief focus not on the  rightness or anger of consequences, but on the attributes of an activity  intrinsically itself actuality appropriate or wrong. Kant  is apparently the greatest avant-garde philosopher aback it comes to moral  theory. The foundation of his moral approach is reason, or rationality. If  we appetite to ascertain moral truths about the world, we charge not attending to  authority, utility, adoration or tradition. We as individuals all accept  the accommodation to acumen our way to moral law. Kant's  argument that to act in the about appropriate way, one charge act from duty,  begins with an altercation that the accomplished acceptable charge be acceptable after  qualification. Things like amusement and intelligence are not acceptable in  themselves after qualification. I could booty amusement in the adversity  of alternative people, which is not good. I can use my intelligence to devise  high-tech bombs that annihilate people, that is not good. For Kant, there is  only one affair that can appropriately be alleged good, and that is the will or  intention of the moral abettor - a will that is abreast by acumen and  conforms to the moral law. To  follow one’s assignment in deontology is to attach to the moral law.  What  moral law is this? The absolute imperative, which in its aboriginal  formulation states: I am never to act contrarily than so that I can additionally  will that my adage should become a accepted law" (principle of  universalization). In  simple terms, aback it comes to the aboriginal conception of the absolute  imperative, aback I am about to accomplish an activity I charge footfall aback and  ask myself “Can I rationally will than anybody in the apple accomplish  this action?"  (Ex. If I am about to acquaint a lie, alike if cogent that  lie has acceptable consequences, I charge ask myself can I rationally will that  everyone in the apple be accustomed to lie.  Kant's acknowledgment is simple: No.   It would abort the analysis of bucking in that if anybody in the apple  lied, again there would be no assurance in the apple and no one would absolutely  want to alive in a apple like that). Even  if an activity passes or fails the aboriginal conception of the absolute  imperative, one charge still accede the 2nd Conception of the  categorical imperative, which states "Act as to amusement altruism whether  in your own actuality or that of any alternative as an end, never as a agency  only" (the means-ends principle). Why? Because Kant thinks that every  individual actuality is free, rational, free and equal. If we  disrespect the address and built-in amount of animal beings, we are  disrespecting animal attributes and that is unacceptable to Kant. Perfect  and amiss duties accord to absolute against academic  imperatives. Kant’s three absolute duties are killing, lying and  stealing. We are ABSOLUTELY apprenticed by assignment to never do these accomplishments  because they breach the absolute imperative. All alternative accomplishments are  considered academic (If I appetite added money, I charge go out and work;  If I appetite to augment the poor, again I can advance at a soup kitchen).  These are amiss duties. 1.)  As against to absorption on consequences, what do you anticipate of Kant's  emphasis on the attributes of accomplishments themselves to behest moral  rightness/wrongness? 2.)  Reflect on Kant’s angle of assignment as actuality axiological to ethical  judgment. In alternative words, do you anticipate bodies accept the assignment or  obligation to act in a assertive way alike if they do not feel like it?  What is present in Deontology that is missing from advantage as a  moral theory?  3.)  Consider Kant’s examples on suicide and authoritative a apocryphal affiance that we  discussed in class.  Why do they breach the absolute imperative?

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