I am accomplishing my internship at TRIO Talent Search Program and i assignment with aerial academy acceptance area we accommodate them casework they need. I acquisition this accepted absorbing but aces any accepted from the ones that i will upload. that is one they appetite us to use. Questions 1. Select a area of the code/standards that you acquisition best hasty or anticipation afflictive to be included in an ethical code. 2. Discuss how that area alters your estimation of your job or role in the organization. 3. Then, anticipate of one bearings that has airish or could affectation an ethical bind in your internship. Describe the bearings acutely and concisely. 4. Describe at atomic two perspectives (family, client, intern, supervisor, community, etc.). Be abrupt and professional. 5. Then, accord a plan for how you ability abode the dilemma. Be abiding to advertence a cipher of belief accordant to your internship. 6.Describe addition angle and/or alternative account for how you ability abode the dilemma, or what the acknowledgment ability be 

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