ethical issues

here is the scenario    You are the additional in command at a burghal law administration agency. Your bureau is currently in the advance aeon with several candidates absorbed in a Lieutenant’s position that has become available. The bureau alone has positions at this akin appear accessible about already every year. There are two candidates for the position that standout aloft the blow from the angle of their account and achievement records. Both you and the arch of the bureau charge accept all final advance decisions. A brace of canicule afore the final accommodation charge be fabricated apropos the advance you accept a alarm from the Mayor’s assistance. The abettor tells you that the Ambassador would accede it a huge favor if you called a specific applicant for the Lieutenant’s position, about this alone is not one of the top two candidates actuality considered. here is the altercation i charge you to acknowledge to   will alpha off by adage that I am blessed that I am not in a position to accomplish this best in absolute life. I abhorrence dilemmas as such. Technically, I alone accept two choices. I could either go with the advantage that the Ambassador is requesting, or I could appoint one of the top two candidates. Actuality that there are several candidates in the active for the position and abounding altered factors accept to be advised on the account of anniversary candidate, I would appoint the applicant that the Ambassador is requesting. As declared in the scenario, the Ambassador holds the key to the budget, which has a abundant appulse on the bureau as a whole.  I would accede the actuality that the anniversary account analysis is advancing up and that the account access is bare for the bureau as a whole. Although bent as able-bodied and acquired by claimed bent and disappointment, the ambassador could do some cutbacks on the account if his aces was not called for the position. With cutbacks to the budget, assets that are bare for the bureau could be loss, as able-bodied as some jobs. I would rather defended the account so that no one has to anticipate about adversity the accident of a job because of the account cuts. I anticipate my accommodation would be in the best absorption of the bureau as a whole. Evidently, the alone recommended by the ambassador is at atomic in the active for the position, although he may not be one of the top candidates. I will do my best to argue the department’s arch to accede with my decision. The ambassador will be happy, he will best acceptable accord account increases, and anybody will at atomic accumulate the job they have. Also, as stated, these types of positions appear accessible already a year. The candidates that are absorbed will best acceptable still be absorbed and accept addition adventitious at the job. One affair I can say is that back backroom get involved, what is accepted as bent is advised ethical in adjustment for leaders and individuals in management, and alike accepted citizens, to get what they want.  150 words

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