Ethical Issues

The appellation "sweatshop" is a aspersing appellation that refers to a branch or workshop, abnormally in the accoutrement industry, area chiral workers are active at actual low accomplishment for continued hours and beneath poor conditions.  Consider the afterward (real life) example, again acknowledgment the questions that follow: Meet Meem.  Meem is a nine year old babe that works in a branch in Bangladesh.  The branch is small.  Two dozen bed-making machines band the walls of a windowless room.  The allowance is about bisected the admeasurement of a basketball court.  There are two acid machines in a corner.  Most of the workers activate their day at 9AM and end their day at 9PM.  Meem is tasked with snipping accoutrement from men's shirts actuality made.  She, and alternative girls, sit cross-legged in the average of the floor. Like abounding adolescent branch workers, Meem was taken out of academy back the ancestors ran into hardship.  With her mother abundant and clumsy to work, the ancestors bare Meem to advice addition income.  Meem is accustomed a bisected day off every Friday.  Her accomplishment are paid to her father.   Questions: What is a cultural relativist?  Could a cultural relativist altercate that Meem's working altitude are immoral?  Why or why not?  Could a cultural relativist altercate that Meem's working altitude are moral?  Why or why not?

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