Ethical Dilemma Jehova Witness Refuses Blood Transfusion

Ethical Bind Case Stuy - A Jehovah's Witness refuses a claret transfusion


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  1. Demonstrate compassionate of able and ethical responsibility
  2. Demonstrate analytical cerebration in the appliance of ethical attempt to ethical accommodation authoritative back presented with an ethical dilemma.


Answer the questions at the end of this case study.  Write a cardboard that is 3 to 6 pages in length, created application APA format.  Use 1-inch margins, bifold spaced text, 12-point font, and Times New Roma font.  Include a advertence folio with a minimum of 3 accordant citations or quotations.  Create a awning folio with apprentice name, appellation of the course, appellation of assignment, date, and name/title of instructor.

Submit your cardboard acknowledgment to the appointment box on or afore the due date.  Late responses will not be accepted.

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Case Study

"Juana" (fictitious name) a 20-year-old, Black Hispanic female, 32 weeks pregnant, was brought to the emergency administration (ED) by the paramedics.  She accustomed in the ED anchored on a collapsed lath with a adamantine cervical collar in place.  Juana was the disciplinarian of a auto complex in a single-vehicle collision.  She declared she was active at about 60 afar per hour on the artery and aback absent ascendancy of the agent and comatose into a ablaze pole.  She additionally declared her arch hit the windshield and burst the glass. She denied blow of consciousness.  Upon her accession in the ED, Juana was active and advancing to person, place, and time and had a Glasgow Coma Scale of 15/15.  Her antecedent complaints were lightheadedness, weakness, larboard accept pain, and astringent belly airtight that started anon afterward the car accident.  She had a accomplished medical history of sickle corpuscle ache and no antecedent pregnancies.  Her lungs were bright bilaterally.  Juana's affection amount was 90 beats per minute (bpm), her respiratory amount was 28, and her antecedent claret burden (BP) was 130/80, and fetal beating amount was 90. Once the cervical back films were taken and the collapsed lath was removed, her BP reflected orthostatic changes of 100/60 and beating of 120 bpm.

Juana was placed on a 100% nonrebreather mask.  Peripheral intravenous curve were started bilaterally to alter aqueous blow that was adumbrated by the change in basic signs.  It was doubtable that she was bleeding internally into her thoracic or belly cavity.  Blood specimens were fatigued and beatific to the laboratory.  A claret of 6 g/dl and hematocrit of 21% adumbrated centralized bleeding.  Ultrasound showed claret in the amniotic atrium and Doppler accustomed a fetal affection amount of 90 bpm advertence fetal distress.  The accommodating was abreast by the medical aggregation of the analytical attributes of her condition.

The plan of affliction for her was an actual claret admixture and an emergency cesarean section. Matters became complicated back Juana abreast the medical aggregation that she was a Jehovah's Witness and banned the proposed plan of care.  The physician again recommended the use of another claret products.  Juana insisted that this was additionally adjoin her adoration and she banned the another treatments actuality offered. The medical aggregation brash her that Jehovah's Witnesses could accept assertive claret byproducts, such as albumin, cryoprecipitate, and globulin (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 2004).

According to Juana and her husband, both believed that if she accustomed the claret admixture or claret articles she would no best be a Jehovah's Witness and would be accursed to hell.  The bedmate again presented the physician with Juana's claret card, created by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, the administering alignment of Jehovah's Witnesses.  The agenda declared her beforehand directives, including the prohibition of claret and claret products.

Juana's activity worsened aural 2 hours of acceptance to the ED.  She went into activity and delivered a stillborn babyish boy.   She was anon transferred to the accelerated affliction assemblage where, admitting connected advancing attempts to balance her, she went into cardiac arrest and died.


  1. What is the ethical/legal bind presented in this case?
  2. Do you support/oppose Juana's accommodation to debris the claret transfusion?
  3. What ethical attempt are complex in this case?
  4. What are the obligations or duties complex in this case?
  5. What are the after-effects of anniversary accessible action?
  6. What are the able ethical actions? Support your arguments.
  7. What can you do to abetment the accommodating and ancestors during this difficult time?


Ethical Bind Jehovah's Witness refuses claret transfusionEthical Bind Jehovah's Witness refuses claret transfusion

This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeDefines the ethical dilemmaExcellent20.0 ptsGood16.0 ptsNeeds improvement12.0 ptsUnacceptable0.0 pts20.0 pts
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This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeIdentifies solutions or alternativesExcellent25.0 ptsGood15.0 ptsNeeds improvement10.0 ptsUnacceptable0.0 pts25.0 pts
This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeCompares and evaluates the ethical argumentsExcellent20.0 ptsGood12.0 ptsNeeds improvement8.0 ptsUnacceptable0.0 pts20.0 pts
This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeProblem solving, analytical thiningExcellent20.0 ptsGood12.0 ptsNeeds improvement8.0 ptsUnacceptable0.0 pts20.0 pts
This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeAPA formatExcellent

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