Ethical Dilemma Analysis

This anniversary you will use the theories of belief discussed in chic to acumen through an ethical dilemma. Select one of the ethical dilemmas beneath to deconstruct. the key problems, choices, and the ethical theories that accommodate acumen and guidance.  Ethical Bind 1: A bi-weekly columnist signs a arrangement with a bi-weekly chain. Several months later, she is offered a position with accession bi-weekly chain, alms a college salary. Because she would adopt authoritative added money, she notifies the aboriginal alternation that she is breaking her contract. The courts will adjudge the amends of her action, but what of the morality? Did the columnist behave ethically? Ethical Bind 2: An airline pilot receives his approved medical checkup. The doctor discovers that he has developed a affection murmur. The pilot alone has a ages to go afore he is acceptable for retirement. The doctor knows this and wonders whether, beneath these abnormal circumstances, she is justified in denial advice from the aggregation apropos the pilot's condition. Ethical Bind 3: An appointment artisan has had a almanac of common absence. He has acclimated all his vacation and sick-leave days, and has frequently requested added leave after pay. His administrator and co-workers accept bidding abundant annoyance because his absence has acquired bottlenecks in paperwork, created low assurance in the office, and appropriate others to do his appointment in accession to their own. However, the alone believes he is advantaged to booty his becoming time and added time off after pay. Is he right? Ethical Bind 4: Rhonda enjoys adorning with adolescent advisers at work, but their discussions usually abide of chattering about alternative people, including several of her friends. At first, Rhonda feels afflictive talking in this way about bodies she is abutting to; but again she decides it does no absolute harm, and she feels no anguish for abutting in. In affiliation with the readings from advance actual (be abiding to cite),  adjudge which ethical bind you accept is best ambiguous and why. Altercate the account of "good vs. evil," "wrong vs. right," and "ought/should be vs. what is." Form the readings, altercate the means in which Augustine and Aquinas would accept apparent the botheration based on address and advance account material. In what means do Augustine and Aquinas alter and why? Create a document in APA format that explains your allegation and reasoning.  Your appointment should be amid 2-3 pages accompanied by a 5-minute articulate presentation, application a technology of your best (your adviser will accommodate added details). Both abstracts should be be submitted to the Anniversary 2 appointment box.

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