Ethical Decision Making Paper

In this cardboard I will appraise the accord of a academy analyst and the accord of his applicant and how boundaries were beyond back the academy analyst entered a animal accord with his accessory client. To complete this assignment, the ethical bind will be discussed, the 14 accomplish in the ethical accommodation authoritative activity will be applied, added I will briefly altercate the accent of ethical accommodation authoritative in able psychology. Ethical Dilemma. A analyst alive in the Baltimore City Public Academy Arrangement with average academy acceptance in the Promoting Respect Integrity Discipline Education (PRIDE) Program starts to advance animal animosity against one of the adolescent macho student’s. At aboriginal the analyst could accept his temptations for absent to appoint in animal activities with the adolescent man, but the added time he spent with the apprentice the stronger his desires became. The analyst finds means to accommodated with the apprentice abandoned and he builds a dupe accord with him and his mother. He accomplishes this by alms to be a mentor/big brother to the apprentice because the mother is a distinct parent. The mother was beholden that the analyst was spending time with her son, by allowance him with his homework, demography him to the movies, and allowance to acquirement academy supplies. The analyst assertive the mother to acquiesce him to accord the boy a corpuscle buzz claiming that the boy and his mother could break in acquaintance because the mother formed overtime, and the adolescent would be home alone. The mother agreed to this, not cerebration there was annihilation to the relationship. The analyst continues to buy his applicant ability and booty him out to banquet and to the movies. The academy analyst finds that the boy loves dogs and asks the boy if he capital a job after-school and on the weekends walking his dogs, he assertive the boy by demography the job they could absorb added time together. The boy tells his mother about the job and the mother agrees to this and assuredly the analyst asks the mother if he could booty the boy on a weekend camping trip, which the mother agrees. It was on the camping cruise the analyst expresses his animosity against the boy and the boy shares his animosity against the analyst and he and the boy appoint in animal relations. The animal accord continues the blow of the academy year and throughout the summer. When the new academy year begins the analyst is still agreeable in animal relations with the student, begins to advance animosity for addition apprentice and starts spending beneath time with the aboriginal adolescent man, as a aftereffect of this the boy starts acting out in class, not accomplishing his homework, declining his test, angry with the another students, and he becomes advancing against the psychologist. As a aftereffect of the boy’s acting out behaviors a ancestor appointment is scheduled, the boy reveals that he and the analyst accept been agreeable in animal relations for the accomplished seven to eight months. A academic analysis is conducted and it comes out that the analyst has been spending time with the adolescent man alfresco of the school, the adolescent man spent several nights at the analyst home, the boy told how the analyst took him to Delaware for a weekend cruise back the mother anticipation the boy was blockage the weekend with his grandmother. The analyst alike accustomed the adolescent man to drive his car on several occasions. Back the analyst was confronted with these allegations, he bankrupt bottomward and accepted that he and the adolescent man were in adulation and that the sex was consensual. The analyst was arrested, accursed from his job, absent his license, his apartment, and he has to annals as a adolescent sex offender. Back the advice was appear by the media several another adolescent boy’s came alternating from altered schools advertence that he had a animal relationships with the analyst as well. The adolescent man and his mother had to backpack to addition state, he and his mother are in ancestors counseling with a changeable analyst who works with adolescence who accept been molested. Steps in Ethical Accommodation Authoritative According to Pope and Vasquez (2007), there are 18 accomplish acclimated in the ethical accommodation authoritative process, and these accomplish serve as a adviser for every able psychologist. The accomplish are accessible to advice the analyst apperceive back he or she charge anticipate through and apperceive how to acknowledge appropriately to an ethical dilemma, how to booty albatross for his or her accomplishments to the acknowledgment that he or she has made. These accomplish will additionally abetment the analyst in advancing up with a way to see specific aspects of the situation, he or she will be able to accede both the abrogating and the absolute after-effects in which an alone could respond, and assuredly the accomplish will advice the analyst to advance altered approaches to accommodated the needs of the client. The aboriginal 14 accomplish will be advised in this area as it relates to the role of the analyst and what abuttals issues are. 1) Identify the bearings that requires ethical application and accommodation making. The analyst has developed animal animosity against a adolescent macho applicant at the academy in which he works. 2) Anticipate who will be afflicted by your decision. The parties that will be afflicted is the child, the mother, the psychologist, and any another acceptance which he has had animal relations with. 3) Figure out whom, if anyone is the client. The adolescent boy is the client, as able-bodied as the another boy’s he molested. 4) Assess your accordant areas of competence, and of missing knowledge, skills, experience, or ability in commendations to the accordant aspects of this situation. The analyst has affianced in this blazon of behavior before. Back he started accepting these animosity for the applicant he should accept referred the applicant to the amusing artisan and formed with his another clients. 5) Analysis accordant academic ethical standards. The analyst bootless to accept by the cipher of belief and the belief codes are actual bright about psychologist/client animal relationships. The ethical standards are accessible in compassionate the abuttals issues in this accurate situation. 6) Analysis accordant acknowledged standards. In this bearings the law states that an developed cannot booty a accessory beyond accompaniment curve after affectionate consent. It is actionable for an developed to accept sex with a minor. 7) Analysis the accordant analysis and theory. The laws are actual bright about sex with minors, and alteration amateur beyond accompaniment lines. 8) Accede how, if at all, your claimed feelings, biases, or arrogance ability affect your ethical acumen and reasoning. In this bearings the analyst was confused by his animosity and absent afterimage of what he was accept to be accomplishing and that was allowance his applicant accord with his issues as an affecting abashed individual. His accommodation to appoint in animal relations with a accessory will be frowned aloft by his colleagues, society, and the academy system. 9) Accede what effects, if any, that social, cultural, religious, or agnate factors may accept on the bearings and on anecdotic ethical responses. The social, cultural, and religious sectors actuality blame of animal relations with associates of the aforementioned sex, and the law acutely states that sex with a accessory is illegal, and it is not advised consensual back the adolescent is beneath 18 years of age. 10) Accede consultation. The analyst should accept been in analysis himself because he needs addition that he can assurance to advice him accept the appetite to accept sex with a minor. 11) Advance another courses of action. The analyst should accept approved out an alone that he could admit in about his admiration to accept sex with adolescent boys. He should accept additionally removed himself from alive with adolescent boys if he knew that this was a weakness for him. 12) Evaluate the another courses of action. The affliction accessible appulse that this bearings has is the attitude will lose aggregate and go to jail. He additionally has acquired abuse to the adolescent man which he was trusted to affliction for. The analyst abandoned the assurance of the mother, and besmirched the apperception of the adolescent man. 13) Try to accept the angle of anniversary being who will be affected. The adolescent man who was complex believed that the analyst admired him; the mother believed that the analyst absolutely capital to advice her son, and the analyst was aloof attractive to amuse his animal urges of accepting sex with adolescent men. 14) Decide what to do and again analysis or amend it. In this bearings the appropriate affair to do is not appoint in animal relations with a minor. Remove yourself from the blueprint and abstain alive with adolescent men if you apperceive this is a weakness for you. The Accent of Ethical Accommodation Authoritative In able attitude ethical accommodation authoritative is important because it helps to beacon the analyst in the appropriate direction, allowance him or her to abstain above pitfalls and accepting into dilemma’s that there is no acceptable outcome. Every analyst charge accept that there are lives at stakes and anniversary accommodation that he or she makes will accept a abrogating or absolute aftereffect not alone on him or her, and the applicant but additionally on all parties carefully accompanying to the client. Conclusion In cessation the accord amid the academy analyst and the adolescent macho applicant who he had animal relations with was analyzed. The analyst abandoned the ethical codes and standards by agreeable and acting on his animal animosity against a accessory client. He added abandoned the assurance of the adolescent man and his mother who believed that the analyst was allowance the adolescent man, but rather he created added abuse than good. The accomplish in the ethical accommodation authoritative activity were activated and the accent of ethical accommodation authoritative was discussed.

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