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With the ethical bind beneath and the outline attached,  below to apprehend and assay applying the American Counseling Association’s (ACA) Decision Authoritative Model as categorical in the document, “A Practitioner’s Guide to Ethical Decision Making.”     Divide the anatomy of your APA formatted cardboard into the accomplish categorical in the ACA certificate authoritative abiding to abode all questions for anniversary section. The anatomy of the cardboard should be 6-9 pages. The cardboard should additionally INCLUDE an abstract, appellation page, and advertence page, accounting in APA style. The cardboard should be able-bodied anticipation out and authenticate analytical thinking.    Ethical Dilemma  Amanda, a advisor in a accessible aerial school, decides to alpha a “relationship skills” accumulation for juniors and seniors. She posts an advertisement for the accumulation in the academy counseling office.  Her advertisement provides basal advice including the name of the group, the date and time of the aboriginal affair and the academy counseling appointment secretary is listed as the contact. Amanda instructs the secretary for the counseling appointment to accept the aboriginal nine acceptance who alarm to enroll. The secretary adds acceptance to the accumulation as they alarm in irrespective of the attributes of their problems, their claimed goals for the accumulation or antecedent acquaintance with group.  At the aboriginal meeting, nine acceptance appearance up including seven females and two males.  Having never talked with or met the acceptance before, Amanda begins by allurement them to allotment why they accept appear to the group. One of the males, Paul, shares that he was new to the aerial academy this year, and had aloof been appear from a apprehension centermost afterwards confined one year for calm violence. Paul states that he has “anger issues” abnormally directed at “women”.  At break, bristles of the females leave and do not acknowledgment to the group. Paul break bottomward in the accumulation and states that he is activity to annihilate himself back he gets home. 

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