Ethical And Legal Issues

Ethical and Acknowledged Issues

Read the afterward case abstraction and abide a 1- to 2-page article in a Microsoft Word certificate application APA 6th copy in acknowledgment to the questions.

Case Study:

Ann is a seventy-seven-year-old grandmother. She has one babe and three grandchildren. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with moderately avant-garde Alzheimer's disease, which causes her to accept periods of confusion, frustration, anger, and affected thinking. When speaking, she is ambiguous and her accent patterns are choppy. Before her brainy deterioration, Ann was a woman of love, intelligence, and patience. Realizing they were accepting older, she and her husband, Frank, discussed their wishes should annihilation appear to them. She told Frank that if there was no adventitious of survival, she would not appetite to be absorbed to a breath machine. They never got about to bushing any papers.

Frank is a candied and acute man. His wife's accompaniment frightens him. Ann's adulation for him has been the focus of his activity for sixty years. His burning admiration for the best affliction for Ann shows his adherence and love. Their daughter, Sarah, is a businesswoman. She is a adamantine artisan and a acceptable mother. She is forty-five, successful, and intelligent. Although she loves her parents dearly, she lives ten hours away. She abjure not seeing abundant of them, abnormally recently. Frank feels his role is to booty affliction of Ann. He has spent the accomplished year with her, watching afterwards her, affable for her, charwoman the home, and witnessing her deterioration. Finally, Ann is clumsy to airing abandoned cautiously and he finds he charge accept her accepted to a abiding affliction facility. He calls Sarah to appear and admonition with the arrangements. Afterwards accepting Ann accepted to a bounded nursing home, both Frank and Sarah bethink the argumentation attending in Ann's eyes as they airing away.

After three weeks in the nursing home, Ann starts to ahem and run a fever. She is apparent by doctors and diagnosed as accepting pneumonia. She is transferred to a bounded hospital, area she is accustomed intravenous antibiotics. Although the advance of her pneumonia is apoplectic by the antibiotics, she stops talking and refuses to eat. The physician calls Frank to admit a agriculture tube. Frank calls Sarah to ask what to do. They wonder, Is a agriculture tube agnate to a breath machine? Would it be accessible to acquiesce Ann to lie there and die of starvation? Is that murder? What would she want? What is the appropriate affair to do? (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2008).

Respond to the following:

  • Discuss the ethical decisions you would make.
  • Discuss the acknowledged decisions you would make.
  • Explain, as a nurse, what admonition would you accord to Frank and Sarah.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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