Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge assignment

Ethel’s Amber Lounge was advised to be a high-end, flush amber shop, agnate to Godiva. Unlike Godiva, however, Ethel’s chocolates are meant to be eaten on armpit and accompanied by hot amber or tea. According to the aggregation website, a simple amber bar is priced starting at $10, a far cry from the $0.79 one would pay for a Hershey’s bar. While actual little anticipation usually goes into purchasing candy, purchasing amber at Ethel’s does crave controlling on the allotment of the consumer. The aboriginal footfall is the consumer’s akin of involvement, which is aerial for affluence items. The chump could adjudge to aces up an bargain amber bar at a accessibility store, or to acquaintance Ethel’s Amber Lounge – for a price. High-involvement decisions are fabricated on articles which are arresting to others. Actuality apparent at Ethel’s speaks of money to spare, a aberration in the accepted bread-and-butter climate. While there is little claimed or bread-and-butter accident in affairs chocolate, there is a amusing accident of exclusion if the chump decides that Ethel’s prices are a bit too high. Ethel’s is an allowance for alone those who can allow to do so. There are three factors which will access a chump to acquirement amber at Ethel’s, and they are personal, cerebral and social. The claimed accommodation stems from an individual’s own tastes, age, sex, chase and alternative details. Ethel’s is currently amid in Illinois and Nevada exclusively. The Illinois locations are the high-end areas, such as Michigan Avenue. A abeyant chump would accept to patronize one of these locations for one of two reasons. The aboriginal acumen is that the chump is already a allotment of this ambiance which includes commonly purchasing affluence items as a allotment of approved spending. The additional acumen is that the chump aspires to be a allotment of the apple in which $10 amber confined are not advised outrageous. The additional acumen leads into the abutting factor, which are the cerebral factors of chump affairs behavior. Aspiring to a altered affectionate of activity is a allotment of absent to be admired and to belong, a allotment of Maslow’s bureaucracy of needs. Another cerebral agency is perception. Abounding consumers apperceive the acquirement of high-end, affluence items to be a ambition account attaining, and generally it is because these items are limited. Ethel’s is alone accessible in two states, which makes it rather exclusive. The acumen why it seems account the amount is because of the amusing factor. A chump who discovers that an assessment baton is a chump of Ethel’s will acquisition the boutique that abundant added valuable. Individuals who appear from an upper-middle-class ancestors all the way through the aristocratic will accede Ethel’s and shops like it to be the norm. Those who appear from lower-income classes will see Ethel’s as article to aspire to, or a acquirement to be fabricated on a appropriate occasion. The amount American amount that leads to high-end purchases is declared at the end of the article: Americans appetite to accept the best that money can buy. This is accurate for abounding reasons, one of the best important actuality a person’s amusing status. A chump with a abundant accord of disposable assets who comes from a college amusing chic is accepted to accept the best. For example, if Paris Hilton collection an old car, wore clothes from Target and apparel jewelry, she would be a laughingstock. The aforementioned is accurate for best people: they appetite the best articles that they can afford, and it isn’t advised absurd to go into debt in adjustment to accept these items. Ethel’s Amber Lounge is a abode for consumers to allow on chocolate, the atmosphere of actuality in an absolute environment, and the acting activity of ability that comes with authoritative an big-ticket purchase. Works Cited: Chozick, Amy, and Martin. "A Abode for Cocoa Nuts?." Wall Street Journal (2005): B1, B3. "Ethel's Chocolate." Ethel's Amber Lounge. 2009. Mars, Inc.. 11 Jan 2009 <>.

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